Bandits Soccer Club / Las Vegas, Nevada: Welcome

Bandits Club 2009-2010
Saturday, February 12

The Bandits Soccer Club is one of Southern Nevada's oldest and most-respected youth sport organizations. Our primary focus is, and always will be, on the players and the quality of their sports and social experience.

Currently, we operate four (4) girls soccer teams and one (1) boys team.

The Bandits provide all players with a desire to play the opportunity to join a club and to be part of our family. We also offer many, many fundraising opportunities to help offset costs associated with league play, uniforms, equipment, and tournament travel.
Unlike other competitive clubs in Las Vegas, we do not require "tryouts" for players to be placed on a team!

Please contact Coach Tony (540-0076) for more information.


Friday, February 1
SIlver State U19 Game Schedule 2013

Jan. 31st: 7:30 PM Bettye Wilson #8

Feb. 2nd: 10:00 AM KZ #5

Feb. 7th: 6:00 PM Bettye Wilson #6

Feb. 28th: 7:30 PM Bettye Wilson #8

March 7th: 6:00 PM Bettye Wilson #6

March 9th: 10:00 AM Bettye Wilson #3 

Sunday, February 20
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