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Ball Stars

Ball Stars:Ball-Star Training  
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Ball-Star Training Ball-Star Training


Ball Stars
Preston Edwards
New Orleans, Louisiana

  Ball-Star Training  

Ball-Stars Bringing Da Heat- Pressure starts with Speed
1. Sprint train twice per week, minimum.

2. Do 10 sprints, varying from 10 to 50 yards.

3. Time your sprints twice per month (record and chart
all times).

4. Sprint all year round. In bad weather, run the 20-yard
dash for time.

5. Use video analysis. It can be extremely valuable!

6. Do flexibility training six times per week. To improve
speed, you must do it correctly.

7. Do plyometrics twice per week, minimum.

Make the Lay-up...Boy
At every level of play in Basketball you will be called on to make Lay-ups.   Here is a simple drill that you can do daily to improve your lay-ups.

How to do the drill: Stand directly beneath the basket. Step across your body with your left foot, laying the ball in with your right hand. DO NOT DRIBBLE THE BALL. After making the lay-up, step across your body with your right foot, and lay the ball in with your left hand. Do this in sets of thirty. If done correctly, you should be in a rhythm where you do not need to take more than one step in each direction to lay the ball in. As you get better, you will be able to do this at a very high speed without missing a shot. It is vital to be able to score with both hands near the basket, and this is one of the best drills for working on this skill.

Better Rebounding... Get dat ball
If you're in the free throw lane...
First, step through and put your power base (Butt) into his power base (thighs). Make sure your bump is below his – the lower you are the stronger you are. And so you're in great shape if you're lower than the man you're blocking out (this is why linemen in football and wrestlers are always so low, just picture yourself sitting in an invisible chair.)

Next, get your hands above your shoulders and your elbows out. There are two reasons for this: (1) you are wider and it's harder for your man to get around you with your elbows out, and (2) if the officials can see your hands, they are less likely to call a foul on you.

If you're on the perimeter...
If you try to block out using your bump when your man is on the perimeter, you'll get a foul called on you or he'll slip around you when you make your turn. So, when you're outside the lane, "T" your shoulders to his shoulders and place an arm bar (your forearm) into his chest. I call this a check-out. With your arm as a feeler, you can use your eyes to watch the ball. If he goes toward the basket, go with him, but move him in an arc so he's not moving directly toward the goal. If he gets to the lane, turn and put your power base (your bump) on him.

Ball Stars
Ball Stars

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