Bald Eagle Area Little League Softball: Snow Shoe Association Page

Friday, February 22

  Parents please note changes to our open gym times.

Minor girls on both teams Coached by Dave Hahn "HRI" or Tony Zeigler "RAYS" will have open  gym on MONDAYS - and - WEDNESDAYS  4:30 - 6 PM

Majors girls on Wade Michael team "GOLDEN TAXI" will be on MONDAYS 6 - 8 PM

Major girls on Bob Surovec  team "LIONS CLUB" will be on FRIDAYS 5 - 7 PM

Please stay in touch with your teams coaches to find out about any changes to open gym.Open gym is subject to change.

Thursday, February 14
Teams for the 2013 Fall season
We are glad to see we as an association have grown from two teams in 2011,three teams in 2012,to now 4 teams in 2013.This goes to show as a community we are working well together to see our children grow an expericence the fun that sports can provide.This year we will consist of two minor teams, HRI INC. Coached by Dave Hahn and RAYS SANDWHICH SHOP Coached by Tony Zeigler. We also have two major teams LIONS CLUB Coached by Robert Surovec and GOLDEN TAXI Coached by Wade Michael. We as a Board would just like to say good luck this season and thanks to all the parents,Coaches,and players because without you this would not be possible so THANK YOU !