Bald Eagle Area Little League Softball: Meeting Minutes


04/10/2011 - 6PM - BEA HS Cafeteria


Pledge of Allegiance - recited by group - approx 30 in attendance as per sign in sheet

Role Call of Associations - completed: all in attendance: Port Matilda, Wingate, Howard, & Snow Shoe were all represented.)

March Meeting Minutes were approved as is.

Congratulations announced to Wingate Maroon Wildcats on the defeat of the defending District 5 Champions, score 11 to 4, on 04.09.11 at the Marion Walker fields

Officer Reports:

Treasurer: Angel provided hard copies of report to all Board Members present - net ending balance $5,465.52- Expenses were LLBaseball Inc $1,186.00 Insurance & Charter Fees, $277.00 LL Williamsport 130 patches, Walmart $99.70 10 First Aid Kits

Safety Officer: First aid kits were provided to Team Managers at the conclusion of the meeting.

-Safety plans - All Head Coaches (Team Managers) are on the Safety Committee: please see Safety Officer and provide preferred contact info tonight
-Fields are currently being worked on to meet safety standards

Fundraising: It was noted there are a few scratch-off ticket books unsold and available - all money and books are due to your Team Manager and/or coaches ASAP -the drawing will be held April 30th on Opening Day

Association Reports:

Howard - no issues

Port Matilda - no issues

Snow Shoe - no issues

Wingate - no issues

New Business:

Umpires: it was noted that $26 per game was paid last year - it was decided that all Associations umpire fees should be the same rate - it was stated that the home team is responsible for paying the umpires - Minor Teams are not required to have an umpire and the decision is left to the home team - Major Teams are required to have a minimum of 1 umpire

Milesburg LL Baseball Opening Day is scheduled for 04/30/11 - games will be played on the Varsity softball fields - Raffle tickets from the fundraiser will be pulled during this event - Wingate pictures will be done independently from baseball. Head Coaches will provide parents with a picture schedule.

BEALLS Opening Day - scheduled for 04/16/11 at Milesburg Park - is cancelled

04.30.11 Event will be Softball and Baseball Opening Day combined.

Howard Tournament: Tentative dates scheduled are June 3rd & 4th

Master Schedule - Les is constructing this and upon completion it will be sent via email

Association participation fee per team of $200.00 is payable now. Fee must be paid prior to receipt of uniforms, game balls, and score-books.

Les notes to coached and volunteers: Tobacco free zones will be established around our fields

-LL prohibits tobacco use and BEALLS has a zero tolerance policy.

-Also offensive language and images on coaches and volunteers shirts and/or hats etc will not be tolerated around our players.

All-Star Selection - will be based on recorded stats and chosen by coaches not players or parents - it was noted that if the player is selected to the All-Star Team and is also on a summer league roster priority must be given to the LL team if there is a scheduling conflict.

Sponsor Signage was discussed. Ryan Fisher spoke about plastic reusable banners that he is researching for the League. Details to follow at a later date.

Meeting was adjourned

Respectfully submitted by: Sheri Davis - Secretary


03/13/2011 - 6PM - BEA HS Cafeteria

Pledge of Allegiance
- recited by group

Role Call of Associations
- completed: all in attendance (Port Matilda, Wingate, Howard, & Snow Shoe were all represented.)

Officer Reports:
Treasurer: Angel provided hard copies of report to all Board Members present - net balance $3,997.47 -Items to note: Dist. 5 LL dues were paid for 2011 in the amount of $150.00 02/25/11; league checks were purchased in the amount of $21..95 03/01/11; and registration fee refund was approved by Les and made in the amount of $35.00 03/10/11
Estimated expenses discussed were league insurance estimated approx $1186.00; Estimated income expected will be from registration fee deposits

Safety Officer:
Penny announced that a minimum of 2 people from each team must attend the First Aid / CPR training on 03/19/11 that the League has set up.

Monica stated there are a few scratch-off ticket books un-sold and available - all money and books are due to your Team Manager and/or coaches the 1st week of practices - coaches should turn them in to Monica by April 10th -the drawing will be held April 30th

Association Reports:

Howard - no issues
Port Matilda - no issues - reporting 11 major players registered at this time
Snow Shoe - no issues - reporting registration went well
Wingate - no issues - Andy S discussed possibility of “Tag Day” and the topic was tabled to April’s meeting

New Business:

Wingate Draft- current team stats: 2 Major Teams - 4 Minor Teams; Port Matilda gave us five or six minor players as there were not enough to field a complete Port Matilda Minor Team - Minimum and maximum rosters numbers were discussed - As per Les, Marion Walker minor league has requested to be the 6th team in our league.

April 9th is Marion Walker’s Opening Day - they have requested one BEALLS Team (open roster) to play an exhibition game - Calvin Walker has volunteered to manage this open team.  

League game schedule
was completed last Wednesday.  Port and Howard major team schedules were turned in - Les will create a league wide team directory and is requesting all teams to submit coaches names, phone numbers, email addresses etc to him ASAP

- it was noted that you may not be in the dugouts or on the fields during a game unless you are on the Manager/Head Coaches list as an approved volunteer AND a Manager/Coach has specifically asked you to assist in some way - the fact that you have an approved volunteer application does not mean that you have access to these areas at any time

John Crock asked if the volunteer application has already been approved through the baseball program is a parent required to complete another one through BEALLS?   Les answered yes another one should be completed because we as a League are ultimately responsible to make sure it was done correctly.

CPR/First Aid class
has been provided by the League and is scheduled for 3/19/11 - Team Managers are asked to please provide names of those attending to Les or Nancy by Wed.03/16- reminder a minimum of 2 per team must attend or prove current certification -

Coaching/Umpire Clinic - is being provided by the League and is scheduled for 04/02/11 from 1-5 PM - roll will be taken and 75-100% attendance is mandatory

it was noted that $26 per game was paid last year - it was decided that all Associations umpire fees should be the same rate - it was stated that the home team is responsible for paying the umpires - Minor Teams are not required to have an umpire and the decision is left to the home team - Major Teams are required to have a minimum of 1 umpire - Steve Zimmerman noted the possibility of an $18.00 per team fee to register for ASA umpires Serenity will follow up Rod Stine on this issue

Milesburg LL Baseball Opening Day
is scheduled for 04/30/11 - games will be played on the Varsity softball fields - Raffle tickets from the fundraiser will be pulled during this event -  please note Wingate softball Assoc. is not having photos done on this day with baseball - Lori McCloskey will set up a photographer for a separate date for Wingate Assoc. - It was also noted that Howard, Snow Shoe, and Port Assoc. will not be using the LL baseball scheduled photographer at this event

BEALLS Opening Day
(Andy S) - is scheduled for 04/16/11 at Milesburg Park - there will be 6 teams playing including Marion Walker - activities are anticipated to start at 10 AM - PA system and concessions will be needed

Uniforms: please note shorts are not included with registration - however you can purchase them from the league for $10.00 - players must have a hat or a visor -Wingate players were fitted for uniforms when the draft was held - all other Assoc. are currently using samples to fit players - Les. will need player numbers, sizes, player’s last names etc by Friday 03/18/11

Andy S presented a more simplified version to the group -suggested we change it to a per team breakdown rather than per Assoc. - Les provided Board Members with paper copies and the issue was tabled so the Board can review and vote on it

Add on games:
PV is interested in add on games with our League - Les has contact names for PV and any interested coaches can see him for details

Game # caps:
there are no official caps on the number of games a team can schedule - Les suggests however that we do not go over 20 games

Howard Tournament:
Tentative dates scheduled are June 3rd & 4th

Master Schedule
- Les is constructing this and upon completion it will be sent via email

Association participation fee
per team of $200.00 is payable now.

- It was noted and discussed that a complaint was filed by phone to our District V LL office - the details of the complaint were kept confidential and the entire group was reminded that there is a specific protocol in place to handle complaints and that the Board should be contacted in writing and given the chance to handle any situation that arises prior to a call being made to the District V office.

Meeting was adjourned: 7:17 PM - Umpire meeting was held afterwards.

Respectfully submitted by: Sheri Davis - Secretary  

2/12/11 – League Meeting Minutes -Noon – BEA HS Rm 90
Minutes taken by Serenity Hess in Sheri’s absence / late arrival
Pledge of Allegiance - completed
Role call of Associations - completed; all in attendance (Port, Wingate, Howard, 
& Snow Shoe were all represented) 
Discussed the good executive meeting from Thursday evening - the Board made an 
amendment to allow 1 coach to be a Board member from each area (due in part to the 
situation at Snow Shoe and our vice-president resigning)
Reports:Umpires - Steven Zimmerman has shown interest from Howard, also someone
from Bellefonte but no name was mentioned, Serenity will begin contacting ASA
umpires to get final head count of interested people 
Fundraising - still ongoing with scratch-off raffle tickets, hoagie sale was complete 
Treasurer - Angel asked if it was acceptable to order checks, board agreed 
Safety - training of First Aid and CPR will occur, Nancy Nyman has a co-worker that 
trains employees, he is willing to come train our umpires, coaches, volunteers, etc.
Training will be 3 - 5 hours. 
Les requested that the coaches be certified also. Board agreed to make a 
donation to Nancy's co-worker for his time and expertise.  
Details to be determined and publicized in March.
Registration - one night of registration will be held in each area, Wingate's 
are finished, Port will do their own. All players will be placed at their age level 
as of LL January 1, 2011. 
Decisions to play up or down will be handled at a later date. Wingate will be 
having a draft on Feb 25 and Feb 26 for minor league players only.
Other topics discussed:Opening day – possibility of using a PA system
for announcements. Serenity will ask her father to provide the system. 
Uniforms-league will provide hat, shirt, socks; parents can buy shorts through league
for $10.00 and visor (unless team majority wants visor, then league will provide each
team with their preference) 
Les discussed the individual team fees-$200.00 per team will be due by 
mid-March – this is a per team yearly fee payable to the League  
Respectfully Submitted, Serenity Hess / Sheri Davis


Sunday, March 13

01/09/11 Meeting Minutes

There were 25 people in attendance per the sign in sheet.

Les opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

December meeting minutes were approved.

Registration was discussed: Our registration sign ups will be held with the LL baseball league so it will be convenient for parents.  Fliers wil be sent to all schools in the BEA district.  Dates and details will be advertised in the CDT, 3WZ, & Gazette media.  Reg. cost will be approx. $40.00. Tentative dates scheduled are 1/24/11, 1/26/11, & 2/1/11 from 6-8 PM at the High School cafeteria.  Parents will be required to bring date of last tetanus shot and a copy of the player's birth certificate. 

Uniforms were discussed - we are hoping to have sample uniforms on hand at registration for sizing purposes.  Each Association will be able to choose two colors.  The League will not provide the shorts however, we will offer them at a reduced cost to parents.  Again no nicknames can be on jerseys.  Due to stats player's last name must be on the back. 

Equipment was discussed: To our knowledge Andy Bucha has the Port Matilda area equipment and the Port Assoc will get in touch with him to inventory it.  To our knowledge Bo has the Snow Shoe equipment and the Snow Shoe Assoc will get in touch with him to inventory it.  Howard Assoc parents reported that they do not need any equipment at this time. 

Charter Status was discussed: We are still waiting on final approval from Williamsport LL office howeve we were given the "green light" to proceed with registration. 

Association updates:  Port Matilda had no new issues to discuss.  Snow Shoe Assoc Reps were not at the meeting however Bo was present but had nothing specific to discuss.  Howard and Wingate also had no new issues to discuss.

Angel W. gave the Treasurer report:  No outstanding bills at this time

Glen Shriver presented info to the group about various fundraising options his company provides to athletic groups. 

The need for the safety report was discussed.  A committee will be handling this.

Clarification was made for ages - I.E. for example U10 is now our LL Minor League, U12 is now our LL Major League, and 13 & 14 Yr olds are now our LL Jr. League.

Head Coaches were discussed: It was noted that to date 4 names have been submitted for background checks, 3 for Major Leagues, and 1 for Minor Leagues.  Individual Associations are responsible for sending up these names to the League Board.  Les discusses the "High Card" method other Leagues are using in case there are too many Head Coach candidates. 

Player Clinic was discussed: until the Charter is approved the clinic cannot be held due to liability issues.

Team Rosters were discussed: It was decided by the group that each Association would decide how Rosters would be fairly made and if they wanted to use the draft method or not.

All Star Teams were discussed and the group was reminded that LL All-star play is stat driven and no players will be permitted to vote on who makes an All Star team.

League Meeting Attendance was discussed - Assoc were reminded that League meetings are mandatory and each Assoc must be represented.

Sponsorship info was discussed: the committee has not yet completed the necessary forms

Snow Shoe Assoc: Bo noted that they do not have Assoc officers and no Assoc meeting has been held yet.

Association yearly League dues were discussed:

At the request of the group it was decided an Executive Board meeting would be held to clearly define a budget and a list of what exactly the League will provide and pay for and what the individual Associations will be responsible for. 

Andy S. informed group of National Softball Days held locally at PSU between April 30th & May 1st.  Our LL Softball players will get free admission to a PSU home game (parents must pay admission)

Meeting was adjourned at 7:46pm

Respectfully Submitted By: Sheri Davis League Secretary






BEALLS    League Meeting Minutes - 12/12/10

-Pledge of Allegiance was said

-Les announced that the “rules of play” document was completed at a meeting held on 12/5/10.  They will be posted on the ETeamz website and can be emailed upon request.  

-Monica reported on the fundraiser completion.  There were 389 items sold, a $494.40 profit was made.  

-Additional fundraising suggestion were made, such as a“Sheetz” fundraiser in the Spring, Kiwanis lotto raffle in Spring or Fall, & Tag Day

-Les stated he will get clarification on LL rules for Association specific fundraisers.

-Registration was discussed.  There will be registration held in Jan, Feb, & March.  We do plan to combine registration with LL baseball also.

-Charter status was discussed.  All documents have been handed in to LL headquarters and we are waiting to for final approval from Williamsport LL staff.

-Donation and sponsorship money was discussed.  Ryan Fisher requested a form for Graymont who is interested in making a donation.  Upon review, it was decided that the forms need to be personalized to our League needs.  This issue was tabled, and a committee was formed by a circulated sign up sheet.   The committee will meet and make any necessary decisions and changes to the forms.

-Uniforms were discussed and it was stated that no nicknames can be used and player’s last names must be used due to the stats that must be kept.

-Andy S. stated that he would like to see Wingate Assoc. host opening day,day, Port Matilda Assoc. host All Starts, Howard Assoc. host end of season tournament, & Snow Shoe host a “Sluggers Day”

-The meeting was adjourned

Respectfully Submitted by: Sheri Davis BEALLS Secretary

Meeting Minutes 11/14/10 6PM BEA HS Cafeteria
-There were 32 attendees
-Les called the meeting to order
-The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all
-The meeting minutes from 10/17/10 were reviewed and approved
-The meeting date for December was confirmed
-Treasurer Report was given - Angel reported the League still has a zero balance and she also noted that the Port Matilda Legion is willing to make a league donation
-Fundraising - Monica announced that a Marianna’s sub and pizza sale would begin today and handed out the forms.  Orders are due to her by 11/27/10 and the delivery date will be 12/07/10 between the hours of 5 and 7pm.  
-There was a question asked about the minimum age for a player to be eligible to play in this League.  It was stated that an 8 year old with at least one year of applicable experience would be the minimum at this time.
-Les clarified that the League Board should be viewed as “Washington” and the Association boards should be viewed as “Harrisburg” as far as representation for our League members.
-Accounting formats were discussed - it was decided that all Associations should use the Little League designated format and should report monthly to the League Board
-It was restated that the Bi-Laws were approved on 9/11/10
-The “rules of play” meeting was scheduled for December 5th 2010 at 10 AM at the BEA HS.  A sign up form was circulated to form this comitee.
-It was restated that we do need Umpires and that anyone that is interested should contact Les directly - Serenity will contact the female umpires that we utilized last year to see if they are interested for this new season
-Uniforms were discussed-a committee will be formed
-Registration was discussed and it was agreed that there will be multiple registration dates beginning in January - it was also decided that we as a League will coordinate with Howard’s Jan. 16th & 20th registrations, as they do baseball and softball at the same time -  Nancy Nyman intends to be there as a League Rep.
-Coaching - If you are interested in coaching please let the members of your local Association know ASAP, there will be a resume and background check required for anyone to be considered for a coaching position-the League Board will state the results of the background checks and the Associations will then select their own coaches
-American Flags were discussed - there will be one at each field - on on each helmet - and one on each uniform - it is a possibility that the Legion may donate stickers for the helmets
-I Won’t Cheat Program - Les stated that we will participate in this LL program - additional information can be found on the LL website
-Equipment was discussed - each Association was requested to complete a full detailed inventory to be turned into the League Board - after registration is completed we will evaluate what needs to be purchased -Les noted the new 2011 LL approved equipment list will be published in January - there was a question posed as to who will purchase what equipment and it was decided to table this discussion until the inventories are completed and evaluated with the new 2011 list
-TBoy asked if there will be a yearly Association fee - it was determined that yes there will be however the League Board has not yet determined the details at this time
-Angel asked for a status on the Skills Camps and Andy Shultz and TBoy stated that are working with the Jr. High coaching staff to get these scheduled - the issue holding up progress is availability of gym space to host it
-Serenity noted that she could not attend the December meeting
--Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted By: Sheri Davis – League Secretary  


 Meeting Minutes 08/21/10

-The meeting was held at Milesburg Park.

-The meeting was attended by 16 people. Those present (in order of sign-in sheet) were:

Dale Davis, Sheri Davis, Lori McCloskey, Calvin Walker, Stacey Walker, Mark Baney, Jess

Baney, Scott Watkins, Stephen Murgas, Robbie Reese, Paul Fisher, Donnie Dyke, John Crock,

Andrew Shultz, Les Barnhart, & Crystal Caskey, Steph Peters

-The meeting was opened by Les Barnhart asking if anyone had any questions.

-Les explained if there were any questions in the future, all interested parties are welcome to

contact him or the local Little League staff that he has contact info for and would be happy to


-“Next Steps” were discussed...

-The formation of By-laws is the next step for our group. Les B. and Andy S. have gathered

various similar club by-laws for review so we can adapt what will best work for our new League.

-The by-law committee was formed. A sign up sheet was used for this. The following people

volunteered for the by-law committee. Crystal Caskey, Bob Surovec (via text message),

Stephen Murgas, John Crock, Donnie Dyke, Andy Schultz, Rob Reese, Sheri Davis, & Les


Les will disburse the examples of by-laws via email to the committee to review prior to the next

meeting scheduled for Sept. 11th in Room #90 at the BEA High School. The purpose of this

meeting will be to get a working set of by-laws in place. This committee is still open and you

may contact Andy S., or Les B, or our Facebook Page to volunteer for it.

Andy S. pointed out that the documentation that is being submitted to LL Headquarters does

require the League to have a “working set” of by-laws and these by-laws will govern the officers.

-Next Step # 2

-After the working set of by-laws have been established including the responsibilities of the

Officers, the next step would be to schedule and hold a public meeting for the election of

League Officers. Please note we are all currently working as parent volunteers in these early

stages. There are no self appointed officers, there are simply a group of parent volunteers

creating an alternative option for our daughters. This will be a Little League sanctioned charter

and will not be affiliated with the BEAGYS or the WAGYS leagues.

-The group set a goal to have bylaws in place, and to have the charter approved by the end of


-Andy S. noted that LL field safety plans must be completed prior to Spring season not prior to

the Charter request.

-Les B. noted there is no fee to submit the Charter application to LL headquarters.

-Stephen Murgas spoke and stated that the Snow Shoe area would like to be included in the

boundary maps. He has spoken to others in the Snow Show area who are “on board”. He

intends to hold a public meeting in the Snow Shoe area after the by-laws and officers are in


-Les B. spoke about the boundary maps. The group agreed that the requested boundaries

will include the entire BEASD. LL Reps have indicated this appears appropriate to them.

-Andy S. spoke about the previous meeting which was held with the Milesburg LL baseball reps.

It was agreed to by the group that we will not be affiliated with them. A separate softball charter

will be requested covering the entire school district, which would include possible Minors,

Majors, & Seniors.

-Stephen M. suggested the charter include girls as low as age 5 to include T-Ball just in case this

would be requested in future years.

-Crystal C. asked that we define a timeline. The group agreed that By-laws must be created,

Officers must be elected & placed, and the Charter be approved by the end of September if at

all possible.

-Crystal C. asked what we are using for a “guesstimate” as far as number are concerned. Les B.

stated there were approx. 180 girls in the BEAGYS League this 2010 season so the paperwork

will be completed with a guesstimate of 150 players.

-Other items / suggestions noted...

-uniforms etc will be purchased in bulk to remain cost effective

-shorts/pants were discussed and a uniform league color to be purchased by the player’s family

was suggested

-a yearly budget will be necessary

-Paul F. briefly discussed Umpire Fees

-John C. suggested we utilize Jr. Umpires from the High School in addition to the Home Plate


-Umpire recruiting and “pool” were discussed

-Steph P. mentioned that the Milesburg Park staff were concerned about the changes and

would like to see the concession stand being utilized. Les B. then offered to get in touch with

Sandy D. and discuss this issue with her.

-Steph P. also mentioned that the existing sponsors would like to be updated and given the

chance to participate with this new League. Les B. then offered to get in touch with them also.

-Steve M. questioned how coaches will be chosen. The group decided theses details will be

laid out as part of the By-laws and that a Coach Election Committee should be formed.

-Fliers for all elementary schools will be distributed.

-A clinic will be held this fall to encourage interest.

-All public meetings will be advertised in at least three media outlets.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by Sheri Davis - Parent Volunteer

Meeting Minutes 10/17/10 6PM BEA HS Cafeteria

-Les called the meeting to order, discussed and handed out the working copy of bylaws.  He noted that the Board made a change to article 7.8 and this officer is now the Fundraiser Coordinator.  The League Field Manager will now become a volunteer committee position.
-The members of the Board introduced themselves
-Les explained that if anyone has a question, comment, or complaint the correct order to voice them is to contact your Association’s Reps first.  For example if you live in the Wingate area you would speak to Les or Sheri prior to addressing the Board
-Rules of Play have not yet been completed and a public meeting will be scheduled to construct them just as the bylaws were.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in this.
-Monthly meetings have been established beginning in November.  They will be the 2nd Sunday of each month, at 6PM, at the BEA High School Cafeteria.  All of these meetings are open to the public and are the best way to stay informed so we encourage everyone to attend.  These meetings will be listed on the ETeamz website calendar as well as advertised in a minimum of 3 media outlets.  
-Monthly meeting minutes will be posted on the ETeamz website under the meeting minutes tab or the archive tab.
-Status of Charter : We have completed and submitted all documentation related to our Charter request with the exception of the letter(s) of release we need from the surrounding Leagues Les and Stephen Murgas VP are working to get this done.
-Treasurer’s Report - Angel Woodward - Balance remains at zero.  We have not obtained any funds nor opened a checking account at this point.
-Les pointed out that if someone is in a position to receive sponsored funds please be sure to have it addresses to the League not the individual associations (Howard, Wingate, Port Matilda, Snow Shoe).  We have obtained a Tax ID# and we do have BEALLS letterhead available upon request.  Please make sure to check with our Fundraiser Coordinator Monica Phillips prior to soliciting any funds to prevent duplication.
- Fields - Andrew Shultz suggested that a Field Committee be setup ASAP to secure fields and evaluate necessary upgrades and maintenance - a clipboard was passed around and the following people volunteered to be on this committee... Calvin Walker, Andrew Shultz, & Dale Davis
Andy also stated he has spoken to those in charge of the Legion Fields and they acknowledge that BEALLS is a new entity and that they are wiling to allow us access to the fields and the concession stand, details to be worked out in future meetings.  Les noted he has spoken to the Borough Board as well.
Angel noted that she has an Uncle whom she can use as a contact to inquire about recycled supplies such as fencing, piping, etc and she will work with Andy on this.
-Coaches - The data collected from each elementary school shows that we have 281 girls in grades 3 through 6. We estimate with this data that the League will require 9 Team Managers (Head Coaches) and approximately 27 coaches total when we include Assistant Coaches. These numbers are subject to change based on need once actual registration is complete.- Port Matilda coaching situation was questioned and it was determined that we have had no formal contact by anyone except Jeffrey Harpster at this time - as per the circulated volunteer / interest list the following people were interested ... Robert Surovec, Calvin Walker, Paul Fisher, John Crock, Donnie Dyke, Dale Davis, & Jeffrey Harpster
-Clinics - Les stated that BEALLS does have a strong relationship with the High School and Junior High program.  Keith Shaw has offered to set up a skills camp for our BEALLS girls which will be hosted by the high school softball players.  We also intend to host one or more coaching clinics.  Les encouraged anyone who is interested in coaching to attend the coaching clinic(s).
-Umpires - the need to form a “pool” of Umpires was discussed.  It was noted that the ASA Umpires cannot commit at this time to be available to BEALLS, there is a possibility of tapping into the Bellefonte pool if need be, if you know anyone interested in becoming an Umpire please let Les know.
-Fundraising - Monica Phillips has done some research and has found that for the best profit food items seem to be the best option.  Some possibilities that were discussed were Marianna’s hoagies, Sheetz coupons, Pizza Mia, & Little Caesar's Pizza.  
-Uniforms and Fan Apparel - There will be a Uniform Committee formed, each team will have an assigned set of colors which will be determined by supplier availability, each team will use the BEALLS logo, we will not have team sponsored names.  We are currently working on making fan apparel available such as hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc with the BEALLS logo.  Possible vendors discussed were online vendors, Spotted Lizard, Cain Miller, & PAMP.
-Residency question was posed by Lori McCloskey - Les responded by stating that if you reside in one Association (Snow Shoe for example) and you would like your daughter to play in another Association you must request a waiver, in writing, clearly explaining why you want this ( examples, child attends Wingate elem. school or child has after-school childcare in Wingate etc.)  The Board will then review these requests on an individual basis.  Lori then asked if a waiver is granted does this disqualify the player from participating in the All Star games.  Les replied no it does not because all 4 Associations are under 1 Charter.
-Volunteer Applications - were handed out by Sheri - please note Little League requires background checks on all volunteers directly in contact with our girls
-Summer League - Discussion ensued concerning Central PA Eagles registration deadlines and the possibility of BEALLS summer team(s).  John Crock volunteered to look into this issue and stated that every effort will be made to have summer ball teams thru the BEALLS charter.  This will be discussed at future meetings -Meeting adjourned.Respectfully Submitted By: Sheri Davis – League Secretary