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Friday, April 17


Monthly Meetings are held the second Sunday of every month at 6pm in the High School Cafeteria.

All changes will be posted on our Facebook Page for faster notification.

At no point should there be any alcohol use at any BEALLS event if you our caught with alcohol you will be asked to leave. If you choose to use Tobacco products we ask out of respect you distance yourself at least 100 yards from any Ball field or Concession stand and out of site of our children. If for some reason you are unable to distance yourself 100 yards away try to make an effort to distance yourself as far away as possible from the area of play, if not you may be asked to leave by an offical, Coach, or Board member. If you are asked to distance yourself and do not the game will be stopped  until you remove yourself from the area. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL WHO ATTEND