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Monday, March 11


We would like to say we appreciate all the help we were given during set- up and clean- up process, also for all our support by donations made. Without the many people who contibuted to this fundrasier it would not have been achieved so THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN. 

Friday, February 22
Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings are held the second Sunday of every month. All changes will be posted. NOTICE the monthly meeting for May will be on the 5th not the 12th.

Friday, February 22

Dear Parents and family members, we as ask you to provide as much time and help as you can during this seasons to your areas concession stands, it seems in years past that the same people are always helping. These same people should not have miss out time and time again watching there child play ball. Please try to donate your time evenly between each other. See your Coaches or Association members after being placed on a team about helping in your concession stand. Thank you all.      

Friday, February 22

MINOR games will be held on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS  with exception to some Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays for bi - week or Tournament.

MAJOR games will be held on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS with exception to some Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays for tournament

Games will be subject to change.

 Coaches may add games to their schedules if they choose too when time permits. If a game is to be made up because of weather/other reasons those games are mandatory to be made up prior to adding games to their schedules. If there is a change you should be notified by your Coach, coach assistant, or in some cases team mom.

Friday, February 22
At no point should there be any alcohol use at any BEALLS event if you our caught with alcohol you will be asked to leave. If you choose to use Tobacco products we ask out of respect you distance yourself at least 100 yards from any Ball field or Concession stand and out of site of our children. If for some reason you are unable to distance yourself 100 yards away try to make an effort to distance yourself as far away as possible from the area of play, if not you may be asked to leave by an offical, Coach, or Board member. If you are asked to distance yourself and do not the game will be stopped  until you remove yourself from the area. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL WHO ATTEND

Friday, February 22

This year we as Board would like to remind anyone who may have a problem related to  BEALLS youth softball to see our PROTEST COMMITEE.  Please understand all complaints that can not be addressed at the time of the incident must be submitted in writing to the protest commitee or a Board member. Hear-Say at a later date will not be accepted. When you submit a complaint please list specific details such as Time, Location, and Partys involved. The commitee or Board will try to resovle issues as soon as possible.