Belmar - Avon - Lake Como Baseball League: Welcome

Tuesday, February 9


REGISTER  ON-LINE FOR 2016 STARTING IN FEBRUARY OR AT THE BELMAR MUNICIPAL BLDG.  "Open" Registration dates are:      2/2 Tues. - 2/3 Wed. - 2/4 Thurs. - 2/9 Tues. - 2/10 Wed. - 2/11 Thurs.    6pm   to    8pm   All Nights      @   Belmar   Gym                                 
This is the Official Home of Belmar - Avon - Lake Como Little League Baseball. We are returning for our  51st  year of Little League Baseball at the Jersey Shore.

Although the site will constantly be under construction, we hope you find the site packed with information and easy to use. Please tour the site and drop us a note with any ideas you have that may allow this site to better serve your needs.

Great Links For Self-Improvement Programs, Baseball Camps, and Other Informative Websites!!!
Please visit our Links section of our website for access to informative websites to improve yourself as a Coach, Baseball Parent or Player!!

Belmar-Avon-Lake Como Little League Baseball Goals, Core Values & Codes of Conduct
The goal of the Belmar-Avon-Lake Como Little League Baseball shall be to instll the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and self respect in the children of the community.  As a sanctioned league of Little League Baseball, we have have also adopted a set of Core Values and Codes of Conduct.    See the Handout section for a copy of the same.

We are going to be opening up Registration for the 2016 season in February. You can Register  in-person @ the Belmar Municipal Gym.  On-line registration will be open starting  through out February & March. Please have (2) checks available at registration,one for season and one for volunteer bond.


Baseball & Softball Clinics will start on Monday March 7th, @ the Belmar Elementary Schools Gymnasium. please enter on the 12th Ave. side of the Bldg. Also their will be Registration forms available at the Clinics.  


" BALC "  Clinics will be held for:

Girls Softball Pony division ages 7 to 8 on Monday's  6 to 7 pm

Girls Softball Minor & Major ages 9 thru 12 on Monday's 7 to 8pm

Boys Baseball Pony division ages 7 to 8 on Tues & Thurs 6 to 7pm

Boys Baseball Minor & Major ages 9 to 12 on Tues & Thurs 7 to 8pm

Opening Day Parade ( TBA ) players need to be at the Belmar 9th Ave Plaza @ 8:30 am in uniform ready to walk for 9:00 start. Parade will run down Main St. down to 22nd Ave. and  end up at Little League field. Once at the field commencements will be held and refreshments for the players will be handed out and the Season will get underway from that point "PLAY BALL"  2016 season begins.

Centerfield (Let's Go!)