B.A.D. Girls Hockey Association: Locations

Aylmer - EECC

Get Map to Aylmer - EECC 531 Talbot St. W.
Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2T9

Belmont Community Center

Get Map to Belmont Community Center 14020 Belmont Rd.
Belmont, Ontario N0L 1B0

Dorchester Arena

Get Map to Dorchester Arena 2066 Dorchester Rd.
Dorchester, Ontario N0L 1G3

Angus Glen Recreation Centre

Get Map to Angus Glen Recreation Centre 3900 Major Mackenzie Dr
Markham, Ontario L6C1P8

Aurora - Aurora Community Centre (ACC)

Get Map to Aurora - Aurora Community Centre (ACC) Aurora Heights Dr.
Aurora, Ontario L4G 5C4

Aurora - Stronach Aurora Rec. Complex (ARC)
Stronach Aurora Recreaction Complex (ARC)

Get Map to Aurora - Stronach Aurora Rec. Complex (ARC) 1400 Wellington St. E.
Aurora, Ontario L4G 7B6

Barrie - Allandale

Get Map to Barrie - Allandale 190 Bayview Drive
Barrie, Ontario L5N 9B4

Barrie - East Bayfield

Get Map to Barrie - East Bayfield 80 Livingston St. E.
Barrie, Ontario L5N 9B4

Barrie - Holly
Holly Recreation Centre

Get Map to Barrie - Holly 171 Mapleton Ave
Barrie, Ontario L5N 9B4

Blenheim Community & Rec Centre
199 King St, Blenheim

Get Map to Blenheim 199 King St.
Blenheim, Ontario N0P 1A0

Brampton - Century Gardens Arena

Get Map to Brampton - Century Gardens Arena Century Gardens Park
340 Vodden St. E
Brampton, Ontario L6V2N2
Phone: 905-874-2814

Brantford - Civic Centre

Get Map to Brantford - Civic Centre 69-79 Market St. South
Brantford, Ontario N3T5R7

Brantford - Gretzky

Get Map to Brantford - Gretzky 254 North park St.
Brantford, Ontario N3R4L1

Brantford - Lions Park
Steve Brown Sports Complex
20 Edge St. (& Gilkison St.)

Get Map to Brantford - Lions Park 20 Edge St
Brantford, Ontario N3T6H1

Burlington - Appleby Ice Centre

Get Map to Burlington - Appleby Ice Centre 1201 Appleby Line
Burlington, Ontario L7R 3Z6

Burlington - Mainway Rec. Centre

Get Map to Burlington - Mainway Rec. Centre 4015 Mainway
Burlington, Ontario L7R 3Z6

Caledonia - HCCC
Haldimand County Caledonia Centre

Get Map to Caledonia - HCCC 100 Haddington St
Caledonia, Ontario N3W1K7

Cambridge - Karl Homuth

Get Map to Cambridge - Karl Homuth 1407 Hamilton St
Cambridge, Ontario N3H5B1

Cambridge-Hespeler Memorial

Get Map to Cambridge-Hespeler Memorial 640 Ellis Road West
Cambridge, Ontario

Chatham - Erickson

Get Map to Chatham - Erickson 341 Deleware Ave
Chatham, Ontario N7M 2A4

Chatham - Memorial

Get Map to Chatham - Memorial 80 Tweedsmuir Ave West
Chatham, Ontario N7M 5W4

Chatham - Thames Campus

Get Map to Chatham - Thames Campus 999 Grand Ave. W.
Chatham, Ontario N7M 5W4

Chatham - Walpole

Get Map to Chatham - Walpole Regional Rd. 3
(Bkejwong Territory)
Walpole Island, Ontario N8A 4K9

Clarington - Rickard Arena

Get Map to Clarington - Rickard Arena 2440 King St. W.
(Hwy 2)
Bowmanville, Ontario L1C 3K2

Embro-West Zorra Community Centre

Get Map to Embro 355644 - 35th line
Embro, Ontario N0J 1J0

Guelph - Exhibition Park

Get Map to Guelph - Exhibition Park 70 Division St.
Guelph, Ontario N1H 1R3

Guelph - Sleeman Centre
Formerly Guelph Sports & Entertainment Centre

Get Map to Guelph - Sleeman Centre 50 Woolwich St.
Guelph, Ontario N1H 3V1

Guelph - University
University of Guelph Athletics Centre

Get Map to Guelph - University Physical Education Bldg.
East Ring Rd.
Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1

Guelph - Victoria Road
Victoria Road Recreation Centre

Get Map to Guelph - Victoria Road 151 Victoria Rd. N
Guelph, Ontario N1E 5H4

Guelph - WERC

Get Map to Guelph - WERC 21 Imperial Rd. S
Guelph, Ontario N1E5H4
Phone: 519-837-5657

Ilderton Arena

Get Map to Ilderton Arena 13168 Ilderton Rd.
Ilderton, Ontario N0M 2A0

Kitchener - Activa Sportsplex
Patrick J Doherty Rink & Alumni Rink

Get Map to Kitchener - Activa Sportsplex 135 Lennox Lewis Way
Kitchener, Ontario N2C 2V1

Kitchener - Contestoga College Receation Centre

Get Map to Kitchener - Contestoga College Receation Centre 299 Doon Valley Dr.
Kitchener, Ontario N2P1B3

Kitchener - Kitchener Memorial Auditorium
Dom Cardillo, Kinsmen and Kiwanis Arenas

Get Map to Kitchener - Kitchener Memorial Auditorium 400 East Ave.
Kitchener, Ontario N2H 1J6

Kitchener - Sportsworld Twin Pad

Get Map to Kitchener - Sportsworld Twin Pad 35 Sportsworld Crossing
Kitchener, Ontario N2P 2J1


London - Argyle

Get Map to London - Argyle 1948 Wavell St.
London, Ontario N5V 4B7

London - Carling Arenas

Get Map to London - Carling Arenas 675 Grosvenor St.
London, Ontario n5y 3t5

London - Glen Cairn

Get Map to London - Glen Cairn 370 Chippendale Cr.
London, Ontario N5Z 3G2

London - Kinsmen

Get Map to London - Kinsmen 20 Granville Ave.
London, Ontario N6H 2C4

London - Nichols

Get Map to London - Nichols 799 Homeveiw Road
London, Ontario N6C5J4

London - Silverwoods

Get Map to London - Silverwoods 50 Sycamore St.
London, Ontario N5Z 1K8

London - Stronach

Get Map to London - Stronach 1221 Sandford St.
London, Ontario N5V 2J8

London - Western Fair


Mississauga - Meadowvale
Meadowvale 4 Rinks

Get Map to Mississauga - Meadowvale 2160 Torquay Mews
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 2M6

Mississauga - Tomken

Get Map to Mississauga - Tomken 4495 Tomken Rd.
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1J9

Mt. Brydges
Tri Township Arena

Get Map to Mt. Brydges Lion's Park Drive
Mt. Brydges, Ontario N0L 1W0

Oakville - Joshuas Creek Arenas
(formerly Dominion Twin Rinks)

Get Map to Oakville - Joshuas Creek Arenas 1163 North Service Rd E
Oakville, Ontario L6H 7T1

Oakville - Sixteen Mile Sports Complex

Get Map to Oakville - Sixteen Mile Sports Complex 3070 Neyagawa Blvd.
Oakville, Ontario L6H 7P4

Oshawa - Legends Centre

Get Map to Oshawa - Legends Centre 1661 Harmony Rd. N
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 7K5

North Middlesex and District Arena

Get Map to Parkhill 225 McLeod St.
Parkhill, Ontario N0M 2K0


Sarnia - Clearwater

Get Map to Sarnia - Clearwater 1400 Wellington st
Sarnia, Ontario N7S5R5

Sarnia - Germain Park Arena

Sarnia - Pt. Edward Arena

Sarnia - RBC Centre (formerly SSEC)
Formerly Sarnia Sports and Entertainment Centre

Get Map to Sarnia - RBC Centre (formerly SSEC) 1455 London Rd.
Sarnia, Ontario N7S 6K7

Sarnia Arena

Get Map to Sarnia Arena 134 Brock St
Sarnia, Ontario N7T2W2

Saugeen - Teeswater Community Centre

Get Map to Saugeen - Teeswater Community Centre 19 Marcy St. E.
Teeswater, Ontario N0G 2S0

South Huron - Stephen Township

St. Catharines - Haig Bowl

Get Map to St. Catharines - Haig Bowl 17 Beech St.
Pleasant Ave. & Thomas St.
St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 1X8

St. Clair - Mooretown Sports Complex

Get Map to St. Clair - Mooretown Sports Complex 1166 Emily St.
Mooretown, Ontario NON 1NO

St. Marys
Pyramid Recreation Centre
(formerly St. Marys Area arena)

Get Map to St. Marys 317 James St. S.
St. Marys, Ontario N4X 1B1

St. Thomas - Memorial

Get Map to St. Thomas - Memorial 80 Wilson Ave.
St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 3V7

St. Thomas - Timken Community Center

Get Map to St. Thomas - Timken Community Center 2 - 3rd Ave
St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 3V7

Stratford - Allman Memorial

Stratford - Rotary Complex (New)

Get Map to Stratford - Rotary Complex (New) 353 McCarthy Rd
Stratford, Ontario N5A 6W1

Stratford Dufferin Lions Arena

Get Map to Stratford Dufferin Lions Arena 15 Oak Street
Stratford, Ontario N5A4B7

Strathroy - Gemini

Get Map to Strathroy - Gemini 667 Adair Blvd.
Strathroy, Ontario N6G 3H8

Strathroy - West Middlesex Memorial

Get Map to Strathroy - West Middlesex Memorial 334 Metcalfe St.
Strathroy, Ontario N6G 3H8

Thamesford Area Recreation Centre

Get Map to Thamesford 85 Middleton St.
Thamesford, Ontario N0M 2M0

Waterloo - Rec Centre

Get Map to Waterloo - Rec Centre 100 Father David Bauer
Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo - RIM Park

Get Map to Waterloo - RIM Park 2001 University Ave E
Waterloo, Ontario N2K4K4

Waterloo-Albert McCormick Arena

Get Map to Waterloo-Albert McCormick Arena 500 Parkside Drive
Waterloo, Ontario

Whitby - IPSC

Get Map to Whitby - IPSC 500 Victoria St. W.
Whitby, Ontario L1R 3M3

Whitby - McKinney Centre

Get Map to Whitby - McKinney Centre 222 McKinney Dr.
Whitby, Ontario L1R 3M3

Whitechurch - Stouffville Arena

Get Map to Whitechurch - Stouffville Arena 12483 9th line
Stouffville, Ontario L4A7X5

Wilmot Recreation Complex

Get Map to Wilmot Recreation Complex 1291 Nafziger Road
Baden, Ontario

Windsor - Essex
Essex Memorial Arena

Windsor - Forest Glade

Get Map to Windsor - Forest Glade 3205 Forest Glade Dr.
Windsor, Ontario N8R 2B9

Windsor - South Windsor
South Windsor Recreation Complex

Get Map to Windsor - South Windsor 2555 Pulford St.
Windsor, Ontario N9A 6J3

Windsor - Tecumseh

Get Map to Windsor - Tecumseh 12021 McNorton Street
Tecumseh, Ontario

Windsor-Rvierside Arena

Get Map to Windsor-Rvierside Arena 6755 Wyandotte Street East
Windsor, Ontario

Woodstock - Civic

Woodstock - Southwood