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Wednesday, August 10
Ron Tellefsen Player of the Game Award Winners

This award is in recognition of Babe Ruth League, Inc.’s late President/CEO Ron Tellefsen. His commitment to our nation’s youth was unsurpassed. His primary objective was that every child has the opportunity to play in this great game. Congratulations to these outstanding players!

Bethany McDonald- Brewton, AL

Courtney Lisenby- Brewton, AL

Demi Rivera- Hazlet, NJ

Nicole Cappolino- Hazlet, NJ

Haleigh Dubose- East Brewton, AL

Aleiha Emmons- East Brewton, AL

Morgan Murphy- Oviedo, FL

Taryn Wheeler- Oviedo, FL

Libby Czarniak- Halifax, MA

Lea Mason- Halifax, MA

Sydney Marks- Lodi, CA

Janessa Cook- Lodi, CA

Diamond Franco- Othello, WA

Emily Eaton- Mineral Area, MO

Hannah Hight, Mineral Area, MO

Taylor Phillips- Alex City, AL

Becca Caldwell, Alex City, AL

Jennifer Leonhardt- Fern Creek, KY

Stephanie Grether, Fern Creek, KY

Hayden Willis, Andalusia, AL

Hope Ladson, Andalusia, AL

Kirsten Quigley, Othello, WA

Kennon Stelly, Franklin, LA

Sarah Sonnier, Franklin, LA

Sarah Furch- Hazlet, NJ

Natalie Murphy- Oviedo, FL

Alyssa Casillas- Lodi, CA

Kelsi Chandler- East Brewton, AL

Lena Nettles - Brewton, AL

Shannon Grindle- Halifax, NJ

Ashlee Meyerholtz- Franklin, LA

Madison Williams- Fern Creek, KY

Katlynn Schively- Andalusia,AL

Emily Gibson- Mineral Area, MO

Mariah DeLeon- Othello, WA

Aaliyah Brooks- Alex City, AL

Libby Heath- Alex City, AL

Abby walker- Andalusia, AL

Sadie Payne- Franklin, LA

Mady Binkard- Mineral Area, MO

Kristen Smith- Fern Creek, KY

Hadassi Valdez- Othello, WA

Maddy barone- Halifax, NJ

Alexa Sammarco- Hazlet, NJ

Gilland Faberlle- Oviedo, FL

Hannah Russell- Lodi, CA

Taylor Austin- Brewton, AL

Sky Gorum- East Brewton, AL

Lidize DeLeon- Othella, WA

Molly Stewart- Andalusia, AL

Lexy Easter- Mineral Area, MO

Danielle Walls- Fern Creek, KY

Aimee Saintes- Franklin, LA

Taylor Letham- Alex City, AL

Madison Douglas- Brewton, AL

Claudia Shaw- Oviedo, FL

Nicole Kirse- Hazlet, NJ

Taelor Ford- Lodi, CA

Tori Wyatt- East Brewton, AL

Lean Mackowic- Halifax, NJ

Carley Morfey- Lodi, CA

Cassie Peavler- Fern Creek, KY

Gillian Faberlee'- Oviedo, FL

Hannah Russell- Lodi, CA

Katlynn Schively- Andalusia, AL

Diamond Franco- Othello, WA

Megan Masi- Hazlet, NJ

Kiana Parrish- Lodi, CA

Jessi Welch- Fern Creek KY

Giselle Guzman- Othello, WA

Molly Stewart- Andalusia, AL

Taryn Wheeler- Oviedo, FL

Taelor Ford- Lodi, CA

Madison Williams- Fern Creek, KY

Santana Hamroc- Andalusia, AL

Alyssa Casillas- Lodi, CA

Mariah Mendoza- Lodi, CA

Teryn Wheeler- Oviedo, FL

Taelor Ford- Lodi, CA

Jordan Miller- Oviedo, FL

Friday, August 5
Othello, Wash. beats Franklin 9-6

ANDALUSIA — Trailing 4-3 in the fifth inning, Othello, Wash. scored six runs and ran away with a 9-6 victory over Franklin, La. Thursday night in the opener of the 2011 Babe Ruth 12U Softball World Series at the Andalusia Sports Complex.

Franklin, the Southwest Champions, took an early 2-0 lead in the first inning.

Othello came back in the top of the second inning scoring three runs on two hits.

Cayleen Garza hit a two-run single to score Kristen Quigley and Mariah DeLeon. Then, Diamond Franco scored on a passed ball to help her team take a 3-2 lead.

Franklin scored two runs in the second inning and regained the lead.

The score remained 4-3 in Franklin’s favor until the fifth inning.

Othello coach Gilbert Franco said in the sixth inning, his team started connecting with the ball.

“We had a couple walks, and we just started hitting the ball,” Franco said. “They did some good bunts.”

When Othello took the outright lead in the fifth inning, Franco said his team’s defense stepped up and held it together.

“We had about five or six errors,” he said. “That’s way too many against a good team like this.

“We had a lot of walks, too. So, if we don’t do that, then we’ll be all right.”

Othello will play Mineral Area, Mo. at 10:30 a.m. on Field No. 1.

Courtesy Andalusia Star News

Friday, August 5
Fern Creek Tops Host

Fern Creek jumped out on the host team early in the contest, scoring three runs in the first inning.

Then, added four runs in the second inning and three runs in the third inning to take an out right 10-2 lead.

South Alabama coach Candace Tucker said the team was a bit nervous playing in front of the “big crowd” and she hopes the team can put this first loss behind them.

“They jumped on us early,” Tucker said. “We couldn’t ever get anything going with our bats.

“Playing in front of the big home crowd — that’s not easy, but it was nice having every body here,” she said.

South Alabama scored its only runs in the third inning.

Fern Creek coach Rusty Leonhardt said the three runs scored in the first inning were “big” for his team.

“It was a big key,” Leonhardt said. “The key was we got runners on second and third with nobody out. Then, we had two outs. Had we not had done anything, that would’ve been a huge momentum swing for them.

“It was crucial getting the first two runners on and scoring at that point,” he said.

When asked how his team managed a 7-0 lead, Leonhardt said his players started to hit the ball.

“We made contact, and we made them make some plays,” he said. “It was a pretty good effort.

“(South Alabama) hits the ball pretty well,” he said. “They’re good. They really hit the ball well.”

Today, Fern Creek will face Alex City today at 10:30 a.m. on Field No. 2, and then will play Franklin, La. at 7:30 p.m. on Field No. 1 during the night games.

Leonhardt said the key in today’s pool play is staying “focused.”

“We’re just going to keep going,” he said. “We play another Alabama team tomorrow, so we’ve got to come back. I told them they did a good job of staying focused. They’ve got to stay focused and come out ready to play.”

South Alabama will play Franklin at 10:30 a.m. today on Field No. 3 in the morning, and against Mineral Area, Mo. at 7:30 p.m. on Field No. 2 in the night game.

Courtesy Andalusia Star News

Friday, August 5
Being a champion, on field and off

Being a champion, on field and off

Published 12:36am Friday, August 5, 2011
Speaking to a bunch of winners Thursday at the Luncheon of Champions for the 2011 Babe Ruth 12U Softball World Series, Troy University head softball coach Melanie Davis said being a “champion” is important on the field as well as off the field.

“I just want to give a program to help these girls and give them something to hold on to throughout the tournament,” Davis said to the 12 teams participating in the World Series along with their families and fans.

Davis used a PowerPoint presentation to outline what it means to be a champion, using the first letter of the word “champions” as an acronym.

The letters stood for “character, heart, attitude, motivated, perseverance, initiative, optimistic, never quits and selfless.”

Davis urged the players to realize their potential and “never give up.”

“No matter what you’re facing — never, never give up,” she said.

She went on to say that the use of words can be a powerful tool.

Additionally, Davis talked about how the game of softball is a “game of failure,” saying that as softball players, you only get better by learning from your errors.

“Have you seen a major league batter batting a .300 average, making millions of dollars?” she said. “Well, he’s failed hitting the ball 7-out-of-10 times.”

Davis will enter her 19th season as the head coach for the Lady Trojans softball program.

Her accomplishments include 800 career wins, 700 wins at Troy and winning 31 games or more in 17 seasons.

Davis is a member of the West Alabama Softball Hall of Fame and a member of the National Fastpitch Association’s 600-win club, is the all-time winningest coach at Troy.

Her 706 wins is the most for any coach in Troy’s history in any sport.

Davis has guided the Lady Trojans to eight seasons of 40 wins or more, including a record 52 wins in 1995.

At the end of her address, Davis gave a few quotes from known individuals.

She ended with one that defines what it can mean to work as a team.

“‘An individual can make a difference, but a team can make a miracle,’” Davis said.

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Friday, August 5
Girls get warm welcome

Girls get warm welcome

Published 12:00am Friday, August 5, 2011

Andalusia extended a warm, South Alabama welcome to its guests from all corners of the United States.

Teams from Franklin, La.; Mineral Area, Mo.; Halifax, Mass.; Othello, Wash.; Hazlet, N.J.; Fern Creek, Ky.; Lodi, Calif.; Oviedo, Fla.; East Brewton, Brewton, South Alabama and Alexander City, here to participate in the Babe Ruth 12U Softball World Series, got a taste of Southern hospitality and Southern heat.

By 10 a.m. Thursday, members of the Othello, Wash., team, were melting, and making good use of hand-held fans distributed at the mostly-outdoor welcome event at Springdale.

“Our heat’s not like this,” they said. “This humidity!”

A quick check of Weather Channel stats at mid-day showed the difference. In Othello, the temperature was 82 and it felt like 81. In Andalusia, it was 99 and the heat index was pushing 110 degrees.

But the hospitality helped make up for the heat. At Springdale, the visitors were offered ice cold lemonade and sweet tea, along with an assortment of breakfast goodies.

By late in the day, Colleen Kirsey of Hazlet, N.J., was singing the praises of the South’s favorite beverage. And she even had a favorite brand: Milo’s.

The visitors also were served another Southern favorite, fried chicken, at the Luncheon of Champions. Other menu choices included grilled chicken, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, and fruit salad.

Andalusians didn’t let the heat wear stop them from making the official events official. Before the official opening ceremonies began last night, Andalusia Ambassadors, wearing their official uniforms with blazers, huddled hear huge fans under a great white tent. The Andalusia High School band took the field in full uniform to perform “The Star-Spangled Banner,” complete with fireworks in the background. Dr. Jacquelyn Denson performed “God Bless America,” and the mayors of Andalusia and Opp threw out the ceremonial first pitches.

When Thursday night’s second games were delayed by lightning at about 10 p.m., the temperature was 87 and the heat index was 95. The visitors couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome.

Courtesy Andalusia Star News

Wednesday, August 3
World Series Teams Arrive
welcome banner
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Today, Covington County will welcome 12 softball teams from across the U.S., their families and coaches to Andalusia for the 2011 Babe Ruth 12U Softball World Series.

The hotels are booked, and the welcome signs rolled out, event organizers said Tuesday.

“This is a big, big day,” said Dwight Mikel, Andalusia’s director of leisure services. “This is going to be an outstanding event.”

Play begins Thursday and will continue through Aug. 9 with teams from Franklin, La.; Mineral Area, Mo.; Halifax, Mass.; Othello, Wash.; Hazlet, N.J.; Fern Creek, Ky.; Lodi, Calif.; Oviedo, Fla.; East Brewton; Brewton; South Alabama (host); and Alexander City competing.

Mikel said those teams traveling by plane will arrive in Montgomery and Pensacola, Fla., and will be bused from the airport to Andalusia. The first bus is expected to roll in at approximately 2:50 p.m. Other teams will arrive throughout the night.

“We want to give these girls and their families a great experience,” Mikel said. “And with that said, what we really want to see is the stands full. Even if you don’t have someone on the South Alabama team playing, come out and support everyone.

“It’d be great if people would adopt a team and come out and cheer for them,” he said.

Admission is $5 per day for adults, $3 for students age 6 to 18.

Tournament passes are also available – $25 for adults; $15 for students; or $60 for a family pass for up to five family members. Passes are available at Johnson Park and area banks.

Courtesy Andalusia Star News

Wednesday, August 3
World Series to use iPads
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iPads will be used to help take score and provide live stats at the 2011 Babe Ruth Softball 12U World Series next month.

Live stats from each game will be recorded on the Apple products, and updated live on the Babe Ruth softball website at

Press box coordinator Terry Pickard, who held the same position at the 2007 Babe Ruth Baseball World Series, said the iPads will keep track of everything.

“We’re tracking pitch-by-pitch of each team and the score of the whole thing,” Pickard said. “Then, we’ll use the stats accumulated for awards.”

The iPad uses an application called ESPN’s iScore. The app takes down the players name, position on the field and records each play during the game.

Additionally, there will be an official written book taken during each game.

The 12U softball World Series will be from Aug. 4-9 at the Andalusia Sports Complex.

Tickets are on sale now, can be purchased from Johnson Park in Andalusia and at area banks, Wells Fargo, SIB, CCB Community Bank and Superior Bank.

The prices for tickets are as follows:

• $25 for an adult tournament pass

• $15 for a student tournament pass

• $60 for a family tournament pass, which includes up to five family members who reside in the same household

• $5 for an adult daily pass

• $3 for a student daily pass for ages 6-18

The games begin at 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 4 with special opening ceremonies at 7:30 p.m.

Courtesy Andalusia Star News

Thursday, July 14
Volunteers needed to help at World Series

An estimated 125 volunteers are needed for the 2011 Babe Ruth 12U Softball World Series next month.

Organizers issued the plea during the group’s biweekly planning meeting Tuesday, because in less than three weeks, 12 softball teams and their families from across the eight geographic regions of the United States will converge at the Andalusia Sports Complex for this year’s World Series.

“It’s going to take a lot of people to make this event a success,” said Mark Ingram, volunteer coordinator. “We’re thinking anywhere between 100 to 125, and we want to remind people this is a countywide event. We welcome civic groups, churches, from Andalusia, Opp, Florala and all parts in between.”

Ingram said volunteers are needed for four and a half hour sessions, twice a day. He said at least three people are needed in the concession stand, two for program sales and another two for ticket sales.

Ingram said there are also countless other areas where volunteers will be needed.

Area hotels are already being booked up as teams earn their right to play. Last week, teams from Alex City, East Brewton and Brewton qualified to play in August. The South Alabama team, which is comprised of girls from Covington County, will serve as the host team. Other teams will be announced in the coming weeks.

Dwight Mikel, the city’s department of leisure services director, said financially, the project is on target to meet the estimated $100,000 needed for the event.

“Still, we could use a few more sponsors,” he said. “So far, we’ve raised nearly $70,000 in cash and are expecting another $30,000 in revenues, so I feel very good about where we are.”

Mikel said about three months ago, fundraising efforts were slow because of the economy.

The World Series will be held Aug. 4-9.

To volunteer, contact Ingram by phone at 334-427-3330 or by email at


Courtesy: Andalusia Star News

Friday, July 15
12U World Series team to shine at tournament

With the 2011 12U Babe Ruth Softball World Series right around the corner, South Alabama All-Stars manager Candace Tucker said the team will be a sight to see when Aug. 4 comes around.

"We really want to go in the World Series looking like we've put together a really good team on the field," Tucker said at a recent practice. "By the time August comes around, we'll look really good."

The South Alabama All-Stars began with 22 players. The final 15 were decided on June 25.

The team has only competed in one tournament, which it won in Wetumpka July 3.
"They really look good even though they haven't played with each other that much," Tucker said.

The team is comprised of players from Andalusia, Pleasant Home, Opp and Straughn.
The players and the coaches on the team are: Candace Tucker (manager), Cassie Newman (coach), Brentley Armstrong, Molly Stewart, Colby Adams, Sarah Langford, Tiffani Dean, Bailee Boyd, Taylor McGhee, Santana Hamrac, Hayden Willis, Aaliyah Lawrence, Derriunna Gantt, Abby Walker, Hope Ladson, Cassidy Godwin and Katlynn Shively.

This is Tucker's first experience coaching a team that will enter the World Series.
Tucker said the weight of coaching a team in the World Series is pretty big, not only for her, but also for the team.

"This is my first experience with something like this. It's a lot of excitement and a lot of pressure," she said. "If you look at it, they're representing their parents, city and the whole county in the World Series.

"I'm excited to see them compete together," she said.
The World Series will take place from Aug. 4-9 at the Andalusia Sports Complex.

Courtesy: Andalusia Star News

Monday, July 18
Alex City 11-12 softball wins state

The Alex City All-Star 11-12 softball team won the state championship last weekend in Andalusia.

A total of seven teams represented different areas of the state.

Alex City stayed in the winners bracket the entire tournament. Alex City defeated East Brewton 1-0, Childersberg 9-3 and East Brewton once again 10-0 to round out the tournament.

Becca Caldwell and Taylor Phillips pitched for a combined total of 27 strikeouts and only one earned run in 16 innings of work.

Caldwell and Jordan Andrews both scored four runs apiece over the three game strecth, while Phillips, Aaliyah Brooks and Libby Heath all scored three runs apiece and Tayla Stowes scored two.

Jayme Marbury, Shelby Bloodworth, Shay Johnson, Taylor Latham all also added one run for the All-Stars.

Katie Royster drove in the winning run in the first game against East Brewton, while Regina Wilson and Radney Beauchamp delivered smart base running for the team.

With the victories, the girls will now advance to the World Series August 3-9 in Andalusia.



Saturday, July 23
12U All-Stars win scrimmage
12u Andy East Brewton

In a scrimmage game Thursday night, South Alabama’s 12-and-under All-Stars softball team peeled away with a 12-2 win over East Brewton at the Andalusia Sports Complex.

During the second game, South Alabama scored 15 runs — 11 runs in the first inning and four runs in the second inning — to get the friendly sweep.

Details from the second game were not available because the score was not kept after the third inning.

South Alabama is tentatively set to play in Brewton next Saturday against East Brewton, Brewton and Bay Minette.

South Alabama 12, East Brewton 2

South Alabama scored five runs in the first inning, four runs in the second inning and three runs in the third inning for the 10-run win.

East Brewton added one run in the second inning and one run in the fourth inning in the loss.

Molly Stewart scored on a passed ball and Hayden Willis scored on an error to start the scoring drive in the first inning for South Alabama.

Colby Adams came in on a walk, Hope Ladson scored on an RBI from Santana Hamrac and Derriunna Gantt scored the last run for South Alabama in the first.

In the second, Stewart scored on an RBI single from Willis, Walker scored on an RBI from Adams and Adams and Ladson scored on singles.

South Alabama’s three runs in the third inning came on an RBI single from Adams and an RBI double from Gantt.

Adams later scored on an error.

Adams was 2-for-3 with three runs for South Alabama.

Tuesday, June 28
World Series to impact local economy

Local hotel owners said the 2011 Babe Ruth 12U Softball World Series will make a significant impact on the economy.

Dwight Mikel, City of Andalusia director of leisure services and tournament coordinator, said approximately 250 rooms have been blocked in hotels in Andalusia and Opp at a Tuesday committee planning meeting.

The World Series will be held Aug. 4-9 at the Andalusia Sports Complex, where 12 teams and their families from across the eight geographic regions of the United States will converge to be a part of the tournament.

Mikel said the World Series itself is a “county-wide venture,” where the City of Andalusia, the City of Opp and the Covington County Commission have donated funds to help with the cost of hosting the event.

“We’re all stakeholders in this, and we’re all trying to showcase this,” Mikel said.

Comfort Inn owner Nick Patel said the softball World Series will drastically help his business.

“It will help in revenues, and it will help everybody in town’s businesses, restaurants and gas pumps,” Patel said.

Holiday Inn Express manager Kim Jenkins said in addition to helping with her hotel’s revenues, it will bring Andalusia some good notoriety.

“It’ll actually cause them (visitors) to come back,” Jenkins said. “It’s a good PR (public relations) tool.

“We’re able to show what Andalusia offers,” she said. “Instead of a small-world town, we’re an up-and-coming city.”

Neil Patel, manager at the Best Western in Opp, said the World Series is just plain “good for business.”

“It just helps out and brings revenue,” Neil said. “It just helps us out when they come. It’s good to see Andalusia host something this big.”

As early as next week, managers from each hotel that have rooms blocked for the World Series will meet to discuss how the registration will work, Mikel said.

Courtesy: Andalusia Star News