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Tuesday, August 9



Championship Games

Game 1

Lodi, CA 1

Oviedo, FL 0

Game 2

Oviedo, FL- 7

Lodi, CA- 0


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August 4-9, 2011

20085 Kiwanis Drive

Andalusia, Ala. 

Holiday Inn Express

16727 US Highway 84
Andalusia,Alabama 36420
(334) 427-2740


Wednesday, August 10
Ron Tellefsen Player of the Game Award Winners

This award is in recognition of Babe Ruth League, Inc.’s late President/CEO Ron Tellefsen. His commitment to our nation’s youth was unsurpassed. His primary objective was that every child has the opportunity to play in this great game. Congratulations to these outstanding players!

Bethany McDonald- Brewton, AL

Courtney Lisenby- Brewton, AL

Demi Rivera- Hazlet, NJ

Nicole Cappolino- Hazlet, NJ

Haleigh Dubose- East Brewton, AL

Aleiha Emmons- East Brewton, AL

Morgan Murphy- Oviedo, FL

Taryn Wheeler- Oviedo, FL

Libby Czarniak- Halifax, MA

Lea Mason- Halifax, MA

Sydney Marks- Lodi, CA

Janessa Cook- Lodi, CA

Diamond Franco- Othello, WA

Emily Eaton- Mineral Area, MO

Hannah Hight, Mineral Area, MO

Taylor Phillips- Alex City, AL

Becca Caldwell, Alex City, AL

Jennifer Leonhardt- Fern Creek, KY

Stephanie Grether, Fern Creek, KY

Hayden Willis, Andalusia, AL

Hope Ladson, Andalusia, AL

Kirsten Quigley, Othello, WA

Kennon Stelly, Franklin, LA

Sarah Sonnier, Franklin, LA

Sarah Furch- Hazlet, NJ

Natalie Murphy- Oviedo, FL

Alyssa Casillas- Lodi, CA

Kelsi Chandler- East Brewton, AL

Lena Nettles - Brewton, AL

Shannon Grindle- Halifax, NJ

Ashlee Meyerholtz- Franklin, LA

Madison Williams- Fern Creek, KY

Katlynn Schively- Andalusia,AL

Emily Gibson- Mineral Area, MO

Mariah DeLeon- Othello, WA

Aaliyah Brooks- Alex City, AL

Libby Heath- Alex City, AL

Abby walker- Andalusia, AL

Sadie Payne- Franklin, LA

Mady Binkard- Mineral Area, MO

Kristen Smith- Fern Creek, KY

Hadassi Valdez- Othello, WA

Maddy barone- Halifax, NJ

Alexa Sammarco- Hazlet, NJ

Gilland Faberlle- Oviedo, FL

Hannah Russell- Lodi, CA

Taylor Austin- Brewton, AL

Sky Gorum- East Brewton, AL

Lidize DeLeon- Othella, WA

Molly Stewart- Andalusia, AL

Lexy Easter- Mineral Area, MO

Danielle Walls- Fern Creek, KY

Aimee Saintes- Franklin, LA

Taylor Letham- Alex City, AL

Madison Douglas- Brewton, AL

Claudia Shaw- Oviedo, FL

Nicole Kirse- Hazlet, NJ

Taelor Ford- Lodi, CA

Tori Wyatt- East Brewton, AL

Lean Mackowic- Halifax, NJ

Carley Morfey- Lodi, CA

Cassie Peavler- Fern Creek, KY

Gillian Faberlee'- Oviedo, FL

Hannah Russell- Lodi, CA

Katlynn Schively- Andalusia, AL

Diamond Franco- Othello, WA

Megan Masi- Hazlet, NJ

Kiana Parrish- Lodi, CA

Jessi Welch- Fern Creek KY

Giselle Guzman- Othello, WA

Molly Stewart- Andalusia, AL

Taryn Wheeler- Oviedo, FL

Taelor Ford- Lodi, CA

Madison Williams- Fern Creek, KY

Santana Hamroc- Andalusia, AL

Alyssa Casillas- Lodi, CA

Mariah Mendoza- Lodi, CA

Teryn Wheeler- Oviedo, FL

Taelor Ford- Lodi, CA

Jordan Miller- Oviedo, FL