AZ STATE LL: Welcome

Welcome from the Chairman

Welcome families, players and friends! It is my honor to welcome all of you to our wonderful Little League program!

Let me start off by providing you with some information about Arizona District Administrators Association (ADAA) and Arizona State Little League!

It is the mission of ADAA to provide leadership and support to all member Districts and leagues to ensure that all members and players have the best possible experience. ADAA is the proud home to 14 member Districts providing both Little League Baseball and Softball Programs comprised of player’s ages 5 through 18. The member Districts include District 1 Flagstaff, District 2 Litchfield Park, District 3 Phoenix, District 4, District 5 North Tucson, District 6 Scottsdale, District 7 Mesa, District 8 Nogales, District 9 Yuma, District 10 Camp Verde, District 11 Clifton, District 12 South Tucson, District 13 Tempe, and District 14 Mesa.

ADAA is also proud to administer all of Arizona State Tournaments in both Baseball and Softball. These tournaments provide a great opportunity for our members and players to witness firsthand the possibilities of the Little League program and how, through Courage, Character and Loyalty, they can become a champion on and off the field!

On behalf of the ADAA members, I would like to thank you for visiting Arizona State Little League and for being a member of the largest youth sporting organization in the world. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other ADAA members if you have any questions regarding our Organization or its member Districts and Little Leagues.

All the best,

Carl A. Thompson


Arizona District Administrators Association

2018 Arizona State Tournaments Sites & Pairings

The 2018 Tournaments Sites are determined by an approved rotation.  Host Districts have a predetermined schedule on what tournaments they will host every year.  A District may decline to which the other Districts can bid on the tournament with approval by the Members of the ADAA.

The pairings, or seedings, of the tournaments are also done at the ADAA Annual Meeting.  They are determined by the luck of the draw with a deck of cards.  All 14 districts are drawn for every level of State Tournaments.  With a 14 team bracket, the first two districts drawn receive a "bye."  Then the pairings are drawn going down the page with each bracket.  Should a district withdraw, the order is move UP the order.  Byes are then determined with the first districts in the order receiving the byes if any should be available.  Some brackets do not have byes.  If a district chooses to have the Pool Play format, those drawn in the odd numbered order are Pool A and even numbered are in Pool B.  Should a district withdraw, the order is moved up and Pools rearranged based on the odd/even numbers.

Only the Districts Hosting the tournaments have been determined.  Later in the 2018 Season, when the Districts are able to secure sites for the tournaments, the site will be updated with the Tournament Locations and estimated start dates.  Please note that the locations and start dates CAN AND PROBABLY WILL CHANGE and probably right up to the start of the tournaments.