azllumpires: Welcome



A hearty welcome to you. And thank you for joining the association. We hope that our group will enhance your Little League experience.

So, what is this group? Originally it was the basic corps of umpires for Dist 12, Tucson, Az. We would get together when required to get the latest updates to the rules, schedule the playoffs, and in general increase the effectiveness of our umpiring. We do this through a series of newsletters and a handout called Keinner’s Korner. Primary communication is through the internet, so please advise us if your e-mail address has changed.

But this has changed. There was such a call for the information that we opened membership to any umpire, coach, manager, board member, parent, or player that has an interest in the betterment of Little league. We have members across Arizona and a few from California and Nevada.

Check out the handouts section. You will find all the back issues of Keinner's Korner, President's Points, Little League rules tests, the umpire mechanics manual we use here in Tucson, and a Welcome Flyer. All these items can be downloaded and used at your local level. Note: The Keinner's Korner documents go back to 2003 and are current for the rules as written and interpreted for that season. Please check for updates in the current rule books.

Ken Giordano
Dist 12, UIC