AZ Envy: AZ Envy Purple (14U)

Sunday, November 21
AZ Envy Purple (9th Grade Team)

AZ Envy's freshman bunch took Arizona by storm this past year. In their first year playing together, this Envy group won 2 tournaments and placed in several others surprising some of the longest tenured teams along the way. While turning heads and seemingly coming out of nowhere, this team came together to become a force.

AZ Envy's 9th grade squad is on break until February 2012 so that the girls can concentrate on making names for themselves on their High School teams. Try-outs for the 2012 Envy Freshmen team be in mid-February 2012. 

Please contact Coach David Robinson at or (602)469-6753 for information on how to try-out.

 Envy basketball is comprised up of players from all over the NW valley including players who will attend the following High Schools:

Moon Valley HS

Ironwood HS 

SaGuaro HS

Greenway HS

North Pointe Prep HS