Arizona District 5 Little League: District Mission and Vision

Sunday, October 28
District 5 Mission and Vision Statement

It is the mission of District 5 Little League to become the leading partner for its leagues. District 5 Little League through this partnership will assist member leagues to grow and thrive through training, advertisement, technology, and effective communication.

District 5 Little League will achieve its Mission by maintaining its Vision:


  • Develop ways to ensure effective training at all levels of the Little League Operation
    • Help develop new and effective trainings for all levels of leadership within member leagues
  • Facilitate new and effective ways of advertisement for its leagues and Little League
    • Build strong relationships with local media outlets to promote little league
  • Develop new avenues for technology to assist our leagues productivity and information flow
    • Find new ways to use websites, text, iPads, and other technology devices to increase leagues information exposure
  • Maintain and create new communication mediums to ensure leagues information is available to all consumers
    • Create better communication from the District to its leagues membership about district events


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