Arizona District 2 LL: 2015 District Tournament

Friday, May 22
Welcome to the 2015 Tournament Brackets and Results

Information to come shortly  Drawing for Brackets will be done at the District Presidents meeting on June 3rd.  TOC is scheduled June 12, 15, 17,19.   Tops Starts June 15th

9-10 starts June 22nd, LL June 24, 10-11 June 26th

Dates will firm up in June 

 Announcement for Allstars can not happen until June 15 or 2 weeks prior to the start of the tournament for a teams respective divisions.  This will apply to AZ District 2 only and is based on our start dates.

                 Start Date      D2 Announce date

Junior BB   6/29/15            6/15/15 

LL BB          6/24/15            6/10/15

10 - 11 BB    6/26/15            6/12/15 

9 - 10 BB     6/22/15            6/8/15 

Handout: 2015 All Stars

Friday, May 29
Tentative startdates for All Stars, TOPS, and Presidents Cup

Nothing is set in stone until later in June.


Schedules are waiting for the drawing.  Will not be completed until June 6th 

Handout: 2015 All Stars