Arizona District 2 LL: Umpires

Sunday, March 30
Arizona District 2 Volunteer Umpires

Welcome to the Official Home Page of the Arizona District 2 Little League Volunteer Umpires

The District 2 Umpire Association is a completely Volunteer organization whose mission is to promote, develop, train and mentor Umpires who participate in Little League Baseball. We will accomplish this by Training Clinics and personally working with crews throughout the District.

For information on becoming a volunteer umpire in district 2 please Contact Russell Smith, Umpire in Chief at RUSSKYL49@MSN.COM

 We would like to thank everyone who helped to make the 2013 District 2 All Star Tournament a success.  We covered 111 All Star games.  Most of these were covered with 4 man crews.  District 2 has the largest and best Volunteer Umpires in the state.  57 Umps participated in this years tournament.  Great job all!

2013 Umpire Clinic Schedule

More coming on request


Both clinics will cover the same materials.  Rules book will be available.  Again, cost is free for all district umpires! 

Umpire Contacts for the district

Cactus Wren  Little League - Contact Scott Goodwin,

 Deer Valley Little League - Contact Dennis Gates,

 Shaw Butte Little League - Contact Peter Leroux,

White Tanks Little League - Contact Dave Geruso, DGERUSO1@QMAIL.NET

West End Little League - Contact Scott Finlayson, SCOTT.FINLAYSON@YAHOO.COM

District 2 Staff - Contact Frank Sabet , FPASABET@COX.NET

District 2 Staff - Contact Henry Schubel , HENRY.SCHUBEL@COX.NET

Please see the handout section for information on Certification and Field Locations

Certification consist of a 50 question rules test and a 50 question mechanics test.  There is an on field review in the field and at the plate.  All of our umpires are volunteers. All of our staff is volunteers.  District 2 volunteer umpires have gone on to do High School, Varsity, Junior College and we have had our guys do Professional Spring training games.  Little League is a great place to start, no experience necessary!  For information on volunteering at some of our leagues see Russ or the one of the Umpire Contacts.