Sunday, May 31
Baseball TOC

More info on softball will be available after the June 3rd meeting 


2015 TOC Norms and ground rules.

Each league that host is expected to provide a scorekeeper and a pitch counter. These volunteers work for the UIC and are to be treated as officials. It is requested these folks not be affiliated with the team.

Host league is expected to have a pre game agenda: Example: 6:30 visitors take the field for warm ups, 6:40 home team takes the field for warm ups. 6:50 Managers meet the umpires for the pregame meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting teams line up for the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance and the Little League Pledge.

7:00 start.

Each team will have an affidavit for pitching. Any teams playing up to Monday June 8th, will have their last games pitchers on the affidavit. Each team is required to take the affidavit to their next game if advancing. The winning Manager is responsible for picking it up.

Home Team will be in the 3rd base dugout. Round 1, host is the home team. Round 2, 3, and 4 home team determined by a coin flip. The winner has the choice of home or visitors.

No new inning will start after 10:00. In the event that lights must be turned off at 10:00 this will be treated as drop dead.

Each league should inform the UIC before the games starts or default is no new inning.

TOC is played under regular season rules and administered by the District. 3.01e The Umpire will be provided with 1 game ball and 2 alternate balls (all new) A supply will be available if required.

4.10e 10 Run Rule is in effect. 4.04 We are batting 9 players. Continuous batting order is not adopted. (Since most teams are use to batting around, they may not realize 7.14 special pinch runner is in effect. Once each inning a player not in the batting order may be used as a special pinch runner for the offense.)

6.05 Running on dropped 3rd strike rule is in effect. Composite bats must have Little League paperwork with them and kept in the dugout.

Any composite bat without this paperwork will be deemed illegal. (Website will not be accepted) 

 All protest will go immediately to Michelle Kell.  The decision of the DA is final.

District provided Lineup cards are mandatory; all changes go through the Home Plate umpire. Please reread the substitution rule, 3.03. Only a starter may reenter, Only once, and before reentering his sub must complete mandatory play, 1 inning and 6 defensive outs. There is always some confusion on when a starter can come out; he can come out initially after 1 pitch but cannot reenter until the sub completes mandatory play.

 These are regular season rules and I would hope the leagues are already enforcing:

Strictly Reg XIV enforce all managers and coaches stay in the dugout, no buckets outside the dugout. No buckets in the entrance.

Strictly enforce only the leadoff batter is allowed outside the dugouts for warm-ups Strictly enforce 1.11j no jewelry.

Strictly enforce a manager must call time and have it granted before leaving the dugout. The manager is responsible for all communication with the umpire; do not talk to the coaches. (Definitions)

Strictly enforce managers and coaches cannot warm up players 3.09 Strictly enforce even if you have not taken the field, catcher warming up fielders or pitcher must have a mask on.

1.17 Strictly enforce the dangling throat guard.

Handout: TOC Baseball Schedule