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Recommended Reading for All LL Adults

As we are about to go into a brief break between the TAD season and Spring season, I have a book that I really think every Board Member, Manager, Coach, Umpire and Parent should read.  (Yes I do read something other than the rule book and ops manuals!) 

Life Lessons from Little League Revisited - A Guide for Parents and Coaches goes through the experiences of coach who through the years, look at situations that came up through his time as a Tee-Ball and Minor Coach (and parent) and also followed up on them years later.  How the players (and a couple of parents) experiences shaped their lives. 

For example: Dr. Fortanasce talks of his first time picking up a ball to play catch with his son.  "Vinny stood there with a grin and pounded his tiny fist into the glove as he had seen me do so many times."  The first throw was a perfect throw back.  The second was a little off the mark..."My next toss was a little harder.  Vinny scooped it up again, but this time he threw it ten feet wide."

"A bad throw is an error, I told him, which was very bad.  It would let a man on base, and a potentional run to be scored."  The third throw was off the mark.  Then, Dr. Fortanansce told his son of getting in front of the ball and not let it get by him.  "If you do, it's an error, AN ERROR." 

"Another toss.  Vinny picked it off as I had told him to, but instead of throwing the ball back, he just held it. "Vinny, throw me the ball," I yelled.  He merely looked at me and shook his head no."

"Dad," he said. "let's go.  I don't want to make any errors."

The link will take you to Amazon where the book is available on line.  I don't know if it's available at book stores, but I think it is.  My wife got it for me about a year ago.  I finally got a chance to read it this summer.  When I did, I thought back to the days of when I was coaching.  Granted, I had the teenage levels, but saw MANY of the same things even at that level. 

So during the break, and the nice cool weather in the evenings, take a little time and read this before the spring season.