Arizona District Three Little League: League Maps

Boundary Maps of Arizona District Three

The leagues listed below are leagues within Arizona District Three.  Pull up the map, and if you live in the yellow shaded area of the map, then you reside within THAT league.

Little League Regulations prohibit a league from signing up players who live outside their boundaries.  There are only two requirements to play in Little League.  The player lives IN the boundaries of the local league and is between the ages of 4 and 18.  NO ONE, the President of the League, a Board Member of the League nor the District Administrator may grant a WAIVER to allow ANY league to sign up players who live outside of their boundaries.

The ONLY exception to this is if a player who PLAYED in the league MOVES outside the boundary or the BOUNDARIES CHANGE and the player now lives outside the boundary.  The League Board of Directors MUST still approve the request for this waiver and the District Administrator MUST still approve the waiver.  The key to this waiver is that the PLAYER PLAYED in the league and now lives outside the boundary.

If you do not live with in the boundaries of any of these league, please check this site:

or through the League Finder 


This link lists all of the known websites of the Districts in Arizona (there are 14) and leagues within their district.

Cactus Little League
First Charter - 1979 (as Cactus West)

Cactus Foothills North Little League
First Charter - 1984

Cactus Foothills South Little League
First Charter - 2001

Camelback-East Phoenix

First Charter - Camelback LL - 1956

First Charter - East Phoenix - 1957

Clarendon Little League
First Charter - 1971

Diamondback Little League

Diamondback First Charter - 1990

Lookout Mountian Merged w/Diamonback - 2007

First Charter Lookout Mountain - 1980

High Desert Little League
First Charter (as New River) - 1977

Horizon Little League
First Charter - 1990 (as Cactus East)

Madison Little League
First Charter - 1953

Paradise Valley North Little League
First Charter - 1979

Royal Palm-Orangewood
First Charter - 1956

Shadow Mountain Little League

First Charter - 2007 as Shadow Mountain

Merger of Paradise Valley East (1968) and Paradise Valley West (1972).

South Mountain Little League
First Charter - 1953