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2015 Tournaments

This is the time of the year when I receive calls and emails - "When are the tournaments?" 

They beign when the teams are announced and end when the team is eliminated.   A player is expected to be available all throughout that time frame. 

So, when are teams announced?  A recent change states teams may not announce, practice or try-out until 14 days of the start of the tournament OR June 15th whichever is earlier.  In District 3, the only tournament level that can announce earlier than June 15th will be the 9-10 Year Old Baseball tournament.  That start date as of 5/2 is still TBD.  It will depend on the number of leagues who will participate and when the State 9-10 BB Tournament will begin. 

ALL other levels in District 3 will not start play before June 29th - therefore, the announcement date is June 15th.  NO TEAM MAY TELL ANY PLAYER they are on the all start team until that date.  NO ONE MAY TRY-OUT until after that date. 

 Each District may be different.  You may see leagues in other districts announcing all-star teams.  It is because their DA has deicded to host tournaments ealier than I will be. 

So - when are tournaments?  For 9-10's it will be sometime during the second week of June until the end of the State Tournament which could be as late as July 30th.  For all other divisions, tournaments are from June 15th until they are eliminated.  10-11 Baseball is then end of the State Tournament sometime toward the end of July.  All others, if they keep winning, could be until the World Series toward the end of August. 

Why aren't schedules posted earlier?

Because teams have until the start of the tournament to withdraw or enter the tournament.  Schedules will be provided to All Star Managers at the Tournament Meeting.  Nothing will be released until then.   



Additional Arizona LL Information

Arizona District Three Little League basically covers Central Phoenix from South Mountain, east of I-17 along the western boundary, to Black Canyon City to the North.  In Central Phoenix, the eastern boundary is along 40th St to Cactus.  The northern part of the district cover basically, Paradise Valley Unified School District and Cave Creek Unified School District. 

Please look at this link.  Generall, District 2 is West of the I-17 in Phoenix,  District 13 is the Ahwatukee/Tempe area, District 7 is Mesa/Chandler and District 14 is San Tan/Queen Creek.  Looking at the District sites will get you closer to the league you may be looking for. 

Tuesday, December 9
Player Agent Forms
While most of the forms are available online at LL, these are the forms I used in the Player Agent Trainng on 12/9/14.

Tuesday, December 9
Player Agent Training Slide Show
This is the Player Agent Training Slide Show.