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2014 Residency Requirements Rule Change

There has been a significant change in the residency requirements starting with the 2014 Season. 

The local leagues will have two conditions to accept players to sign up in the Local League.

The residency requirement of a player LIVING within the Local League's boundaries still reamins.  Leagues still should be requesting 3 documents, one from one category listed in the rule book to verify residency. 

However, Little League has a new rule for 2014.  A league may accept players who ATTEND a school that is PHYSICALLY in the Local League's boundaries.  The player needs to provide a document that verifies the player attended the school PRIOR ot October 1, 2013. 

For example.  A family I was working with lived in Diamondback Little League.  The father was a former player in PV East (now Shadow Mountain).  Based on his residency, there was nothing I could do.  But, the child attends Desert Cove Elementary School, which is PHYSICALLY in the boundaries of Shadow Moutain LL.  Now, that player can play in Shadow Mountain LL. 

If you have any questions, please contact your local league.  The links to their websites are above. 

Why Little League?

Why Little League?  Littile League is a unique program.  How?  The mission of Little League and the objective of the local league states nothing about developing the next major league ball player.  We build future, productive citizens THROUGH the game of baseball. 

The Mission of Little League:

“Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists children in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Little League Baseball and Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.”  

The Objective of Every Local League:

"The objective of the Local League shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens."

A local legaue is only as successful as the volunteers invovled in the program.  In Little League, it takes many volunteers to make it successful.  Not just managers and coaches, but those who serve as board members too.  Even my role as District Administrator is a volunteer position.  In Little League, there are definitions as far as the different roles in the program.  Each position on the board, managers, coaches and yes, even parents.  The Role of the Parent states:

“The parents of millions of Little Leaguers combined with their children, league officials, umpires, managers, coaches, and countless volunteer agencies including sponsors, represent an imposing cross section of our world. Parents must take the initiative to make the local program successful. Little League is not a club in which implies baby-sitting benefits and entertainment privileges. Practically speaking, Little League is an adult, volunteer work project constructed, supervised and assisted by parents who want to extend this benefit to their children. The parent who shirks this responsibility cannon, in turn, expect others to assume the burden.” 

Yes, many parents may have difficulties finding the time to volunteer in the league.  There is something that a parent can do, even just a little.  A hour in the snack bar, which helps raise funds to pay for the fields for everyone to play on.  Keep score for a game.  A parent can help the board ny serving on a committee and be part of some decisions but not all of the season.  Without any volunteers, the program cannot survive. 

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