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Arizona District Three Little League

Mark Lane, District Administrator
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2015 Tournaments

This is the time of the year when I receive calls and emails - "When are the tournaments?" 

They beign when the teams are announced and end when the team is eliminated.   A player is expected to be available all throughout that time frame. 

So, when are teams announced?  A recent change states teams may not announce, practice or try-out until 14 days of the start of the tournament OR June 15th whichever is earlier.  In District 3, the only tournament level that can announce earlier than June 15th will be the 9-10 Year Old Baseball tournament.  That start date as of 5/2 is still TBD.  It will depend on the number of leagues who will participate and when the State 9-10 BB Tournament will begin. 

ALL other levels in District 3 will not start play before June 29th - therefore, the announcement date is June 15th.  NO TEAM MAY TELL ANY PLAYER they are on the all start team until that date.  NO ONE MAY TRY-OUT until after that date. 

 Each District may be different.  You may see leagues in other districts announcing all-star teams.  It is because their DA has deicded to host tournaments ealier than I will be. 

So - when are tournaments?  For 9-10's it will be sometime during the second week of June until the end of the State Tournament which could be as late as July 30th.  For all other divisions, tournaments are from June 15th until they are eliminated.  10-11 Baseball is then end of the State Tournament sometime toward the end of July.  All others, if they keep winning, could be until the World Series toward the end of August. 

Why aren't schedules posted earlier?

Because teams have until the start of the tournament to withdraw or enter the tournament.  Schedules will be provided to All Star Managers at the Tournament Meeting.  Nothing will be released until then.   



2015 District Three Little League (Majors) Baseball Tournament

The make-up game between Diamondback and Shadow Mountain will NOT be played.  First, umpires for the game on Sunday are not available and looking at the possible standings, there is little to no chance the results would change much as far as the seeding of the top 4 teams.   

Day 5 is over.  

In Pool A, Cactus/Horizon has secured the #1 Seed for the Pool after defeating PV North and going 4-0.  The three remaining seeds are still up for grabs depending on the outcomes of the games Monday.  DO NOT call, text or email me with "what if?" questions.  It is really going to com down to the last game and the last out for the three remaining seeds to be decided. 

In Pool B, the seedings are still all up for grabs.  These may have to wait for the games Monday.     

Just an FYI on the tie-breaker rules.  If there are more than 2 teams tied for a position, in short, I have to first look at head-to-head of all teams tied.  If I can't determined that one team defeated both of the other teams, then I look at Runs Allowed Ratio (RAR).  The team with the lowest RAR will break the FIRST tie and take the next seeding.  Then I have to start all over with the two remaining teams who were tied with head-to-head.  If they didn't play each other, then I have to look at RAR and break the tie for the next seeding.  

So, teams may not know when and were they play until the last games are played Monday night.  Results will be posted as soon as possible, as always, following the games.  Attempts will be made to notify the Managers before hand, if possible. 

2015 10-11 Year Old All Star Tournament

Day three is in the books.  Resluts have been posted.

The schedule can change at any time before the start of the tournament.  Please check the site daily. 

 Sadly, at one of the D3 tournament games this evening, a player was removed by a parent from the dugout because he was pulled from the game as a starter.  And, I have seen in he past, a player removed by the parents because their son didn't start the game. 

Parents, here is the rule as far as Mandatory Play in tournaments.  Understand the Little League prides itself on the fact that we do have Mandatory Play - everybody plays.  Here is the rule:

If the team starts the game with 13 or more players, the Mandatory Play for every player is ONE (1) time at-bat. 

If the team starts the game with 12 or less players, the Mandatory play is Six (6) CONSECUTIVE OUTS and ONE (1) time at-bat. 

The ONLY exception to that rule is that it does not apply if the game is shortened for ANY reason except for the 5 1/2 inning game where the home team is ahead. 

However, I sincerely hope that our all-star managers, when the game is appearing to be a 10 run game or a large lead, they will give the players an opportunity to play in an All-Star Tournament. 

Additional Arizona LL Information

Arizona District Three Little League basically covers Central Phoenix from South Mountain, east of I-17 along the western boundary, to Black Canyon City to the North.  In Central Phoenix, the eastern boundary is along 40th St to Cactus.  The northern part of the district cover basically, Paradise Valley Unified School District and Cave Creek Unified School District. 

Please look at this link.  Generall, District 2 is West of the I-17 in Phoenix,  District 13 is the Ahwatukee/Tempe area, District 7 is Mesa/Chandler and District 14 is San Tan/Queen Creek.  Looking at the District sites will get you closer to the league you may be looking for. 

2015 District Three Big League Baseball - Champions - Diamondback LL

Diamondback defeated Clarendon Thursday night to win the second of the best of three tournment.  Diamondback will rperesent Arizona District Three Little League at the Arizona State Big League Tournament being held in Gilbert.  More information will follow as to when and where they will play later.

Congratulations and thank you to the dedicated volunteers at Diamondback LL for hosting the tournament. 

2015 District Three 9-10 Year Old BB Champions - Cactus Foothills South


Congratulations to the 2015 Arizona District Three 9-10 Year Old Champions Cactus Foothills South Little League.  They will advance to the 2015 Arizona State 9-10 Year Old Tournament being held in Kingman, Arizona. 

To all the teams who participated this year, I would like to thank the Managers, Coaches and Parents of all the leagues who helped out with their repsective teams.  Everyone who attended the games were true Little League fans who supported not only their team - but I also saw parents recognize playes and the accomlishments of players on the oppenent side as well.  Thank You.

And, of course, again - THANK YOU!! - to High Desert and Paradise Valley North Little Leagues and the dedicated volunteers in those leagues for coming out and working the tournaments.  Without their dedication these tournaments would not have been possible.

Good Luck to Cactus Foothills South as they contunue play.  The tournament is scheduled to begin on or around July 15th. 



2015 Az District 3 Nancie Lane TOC Champions-Cactus Foothills South

2015 D3 TOC Champs

Congratulations to Cactus Foothills South Little League for winning the 2015 Arizona District Three Little League Nancie Lane Tournament of Champions.  The Cactus Foothills North Cardinals defeated the High Desert Nose Rattlers 13-5 tonight at Nancie Lane Park. 

A great tournament with a bunch of very close games.  I hope this is a sample of the rest of the tournaments!  I really think former District Administrator Nancie Lane enjoyed watching this batch of tournament games. 

2015 District Three Junior Baseball Tournament

The 2015 District Three Junior Baseball Tournament will be hosted by Diamondback LL. 

The schedule can change up until the start of the tournament.  Please check the site daily. 

 The hopefully last Junior Schedule is posted.  We are down to three teams for the Junior Tournament and now will be a Doouble Elimination Tournament.

11-12 All Stars - there is no such tournament.

I get many calls and emails about the "11-12 Year Old Tournament." 

In Little League, there is no such tournament.  We have:

9-10 Year Old Baseball and Softball

10-11 Year Old Baseball and Softball

Intermediate Baseball 

Little League Baseball and Softball

Junior Baseball and Softball

Senior  Baseball and Softball

Big League Baseball and Softball

I do understand that the have two levels defined by age.  Those levels are available to all players in the Minor of Major divisions of Little League to play in tournaments.

However, even though the age limitations in Little League All-Stars are 11 and 12 year olds, it is only for those players in the Little League (Majors) division.  An 11 year old in Minors is NOT eligible to play in the Little League Tournament. 

I stress this because I have had a number of conversations with parents of 11 year olds who played in the Minor Division complaining their child did not make the "11-12 Year Old" team.  And, we don't watch the 11-12 Year Old World Series - we watch the LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES.