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2017 9-11 Year Old Baseball All Stars

Tournament has started.  Results posted.

2017 Junior Baseball All Stars

Junior Teams - Please note; if Clarendon does win the Senior Game Tuesday, the Junior WEDNESDAY game time will change to 7:00.  Again, only if Clarendon SENIORS should win.

Thursday Game time HAS CHANGED TO 7:00.   

2017 Senior Baseball All Stars

2017 8-10 Year Old Softball All Stars

2017 Little League (Majors) Baseball All Stars


A team has withdrawn.  This is the new schedule posted 6/5/17 - 10:28 a.m. 

2017 Nancie Lane Tournament of Champions

2017 8-10 Year Old Baseball All Stars

Congratulations to Cactus Foothills South LL for winning the 2017 Arizona District 3 8-9-10 Baseball All-Star ...