Azalea Little League: Easy Ways to Support the League

Wednesday, January 30
Here are easy ways to help support Azalea Little League

Don't want to have to help your kid sell candy bars this year? Either do we! But, a good portion of our operating costs to keep us afloat come from fundraising. Below are easy ways to help support the League. If we are successful at raising the same amount of funds in ways that are not aggravating to the parents/kids (like candy bars), we won't have to do it! So, do your part, check out these ways to help and free us from annoying fundraisers! If you know of or have any other ideas, please let us know.

Ink Cartridges/Cell Phones: Empty ink cartridges, toner and old cell phones generate funds for us! Ask some local businesses for their empties. One of our parents picks up roughly 25 cartridges a month from local businesses!

Magazines: We receive 40% back of all magazine sales and renewals through our site. The best part: these magazine subscriptions are highly discounted and the cheapest you'll find on the internet. Once again, we both win! Click under "Support Our Team" on the left hand side tab of our Site to help!