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Field of Dreams
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JANUARY 17, 2014 0 0 none
Board Meeting Location Change for 1-21-14 0 0 none
JANUARY 21, 2014 Our Monthly Board Meeting location has changed for tonight from the Elks Lodge to Daniel's Fields, please visit our Board Meeting tab for Time and address.
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Apply for A Board Position AYSO believes in a community of people coming together and working towards a same goal based on our six philosophies which are stated below. The system works because of people who give their free time and see a tangible result, hence kids playing soccer and instilling the following Six Philosophies from AYSO into our youth: 1. Everyone Plays® - Every player plays at least 3 quarters 2. Balanced Teams - We try our very best to balance the teams because it's a better experience 3. Open Registration - Open to All children between 4 and 19 years of age. 4. Positive Coaching-All of our coaches are certified through the AYSO Training program 5. Good Sportsmanship - The program is designed to instill good sportsmanship. 6. Player Development- All players should be able to develop their soccer skills If you are interested in taking on a board or staff position please review the list of opened positions below: Regional Board and Staff Positions: (PLEASE NOTE ALL ARE VOLUNTEER POSITIONS.) •Assistant Regional Commissioner •Treasurer •Auditor •Registrar •Assistant Registrar •Safety Director •Regional Coach Administrator •Assistant Regional Coach Administrator •Regional Referee Administrator •Assistant Referee Administrator •CVPA – Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate •Youth Volunteer Coordinator •Picture / Opening Day Coordinator •Spring Season Coordinator •Field Coordinator •Uniform Coordinator •Trophy Coordinator •Scheduler / Statistics •Secretary •Apparel Coordinator •Website & Social Media Coordinator •Community Liaison •Junior Division Coordinator •U6 Girls Division Coordinator •U6 Boys Division Coordinator •U8 Girls Division Coordinator •U8 Boys Division Coordinator •U10 Girls Division Coordinator •U10 Boys Division Coordinator •U12 Girls Division Coordinator •U12 Boys Division Coordinator •U14 Girls Division Coordinator •U14 Boys Division Coordinator •Upper Division Coordinator •Jamboree (U5) Master Coach Extra Program •Extra Program Coordinator •Assistant Extra Program Coordinator •Extra Program Training Coordinator •Extra Referee Coordinator •Extra Program Scheduler Coordinator To read about a specific volunteer Board/Staff position, please click here to find out more. When you find a position that interests you, please fill out the application from our Forms tab above (or click here) and e-mail your completed application to our Board Nomination Chairman: • Juan "John" Martinez, at aysoreg6nominations@yahoo.com, by the end of November 30, 2013. Here are just a few Job Descriptions of Board Positions: •Regional Coach Administrator - The AYSO volunteer position of regional coach administrator is intended to administer a quality coaching program within the region. •Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate - The AYSO volunteer position of child and volunteer protection advocate is intended to oversee the child and volunteer protection program in the region in accordance with the AYSO Safe Haven program. •Regional Referee Administrator -The AYSO volunteer position of regional referee administrator is intended to implement, monitor, and maintain the AYSO National Referee Program including program delivery, staff development, communication, and coordination at the regional level. •Regional Safety Director - The AYSO volunteer position of regional safety director is intended to be responsible for all aspects of the region’s safety. •Regional Treasurer - The AYSO volunteer position of regional treasurer is intended to keep and safeguard all of the monies of the region and to have in their possession all of the region’s cash investments, contracts, leases and any other valuable documents. The regional treasurer shall deposit all funds and securities in the name and to the credit of the region in an authorized bank or depository. If you have any questions please reach out to: •Liz Parker - Regional Commissioner: aysoregion6rc@gmail.com •Juan Martinez, Board Nomination Committee Chairman: aysoregion6nominations@yahoo.com
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Happy Holidays from AYSO REGION 6!
Happy Thanksgiving 0 0 none
HAPPY THANKSGIVING Region 6 is Thankful for all the Volunteers who took time out of their busy work week and time off their weekends to make this season possible. AYSO Region 6 thanks you all and wishes ALL of its families a very Happy, Blessed and Safe Thanksgiving! -AYSO REGION 6 BOARD MEMBERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "AYSO is reminded of all the things we're thankful for. Most notably, all of the AYSO volunteers who make soccer possible every season. Thinking of your AYSO soccer family, what are YOU most thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving from AYSO!" from AYSO Offficial Soccer Facebook page
10-26-13 Games Cancelled 0 0 none
The Board Members of AYSO Region 6 are saddened to announce the Death of Kelsey Faith Potts She was a young AYSO Alum, who passed away on Friday October 18th, 2013 at the young age of 13. In Memory of Kelsey F. Potts, our Region will have a No Day of Play. ALL GAMES AT FIELD OF DREAMS for Saturday October 26th, 2013 Have been cancelled for the following Lower Divisions: U5, U6, U8, U10, U12 and U14 Should you have any questions, please reach out to your Division Coordinator or any Board member, their information can be found in the "Board Members" or "Staff Members" tab above. Thank You Region 6 Families for Understanding
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