AYSO Region 37: Parents: Friday Night Clinics

Friday Night Clinics

Starting March 7, 2014 on Santana Field #9.

This is for registered AYSO Region 37 Players Only and there is no cost to participate.

Spring Friday Night Clinic Times by Age Division
U6-U8 5:30 to 6:30
U10-U12 6:45pm to 7:45pm
U14-U17 7:45-8:45

The following topics will be focused on during this 8 week clinic series:

Passing & Control

Learning the core techniques of the different ways to pass a ball from simple passing between two players, to triangle passing between players, to longer passing as the group gets more established with their skills. In hand with passing also comes ball control, this can be receiving a pass and how to control the ball away from your opposition and different ball control techniques to keep possession once receiving the ball.

Dribbling and Turning

This is where the group would learn the two types of dribbling with how and when to use them in different areas/scenarios on the field. Close touch control and running with the ball. Learning the core techniques to advanced as the weeks go on.

Shooting & Goalkeeping

Two different skills worked on together in one session, as they work hand in hand. You need players shooting to be able to teach goalkeepers and you need goalkeepers to teach effective shooting. This would again work on the core techniques of how to shoot a ball and using different parts of the foot, also focusing on your body structure to enable a more powerful shot. The goalkeepers would be learning how to be able to predict where the ball is going to go from the opposition’s body structure to the key techniques of diving to save a shot with being able to recover for rebounds.

Small Sided Conditioned Games

This clinic would focus on getting the players in a game scenario possibly 3v3/4v4 depending on numbers, this is key to focus on what’s been learnt and put it into a game scenario, these small sided games can also be called ‘in game coaching’ to express how to use the skills learnt with when and where to use them on the field in a game time scenario.