AYSO Region 37: Parents: Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

Volunteers Needed

We are Currently Looking for these Several Key Positions to Help Make 2013 an Awesome Year for Our Kids
Division Coordinators (All Ages)
U06-U08 Administrator
Field Staff
Referee Staff
Coaching Staff
& More!

If You Are Interested in Volunteering, Please Email: 

Where do I Fit In?
We always need volunteers at the team level, division level and at the regional level. Take a look at these positions, select the one that suits you and volunteer! We have the training and support you need to have a great time enjoying soccer with your child. Some of the positions involve getting out in the fresh air, and they are marked "Active." Other equally important tasks can be done from the comfort of home; they are marked "Administrative." Each position also includes an estimate of the time commitment and trainig required. If you'd like to help out, but you don't see a position that's right for you, contact the Commissioner, and they'll help you find a way to contribute.

Assistant Coach
If you don't have time to be a head coach, then become an assistant coach! We need assistant coaches. Skill and tactical coaching is more effective if players can be divided into smaller groups. Coaches may not be available at some practices or games. If there is no assistant coach, there will be no practices and no games when the coach is away. No experience or soccer skills are required – just be willing to come and have fun with the kids.

AYSO Child/Volunteer Protection training (online) course, and a coach course (see coach clinics).

Time Commitment
Attend practices and assist coach as needed. Practice time depends on age group, from 35 minutes to 3 hours per week during the season.

We have 100s of teams play every fall and spring in Region 37 AYSO. That means we need a lot of coaches. As a coach you will motivate, congratulate, teach, encourage, drill, console, strategize, lead, and mentor a small group of children or young adults. Even if you have no soccer experience, AYSO will help teach you the principles of the game and how to coach kids to have fun and learn soccer. You'll learn about the game and you'll likely love it so much you'll become a coach next year.

The rewards come in the form of watching the kids have fun at a game or practice, and watching their individual skills and teamwork improve. There is also a great sense of accomplishment when you reach the end of a season and look back and see how far the team has come.

And for those who have "serious" jobs, there is no better way to regain your perspective than to watch a bunch of 7-year-olds at practice.

Coaches need to complete the AYSO Child/Volunteer Protection training (online) course, and the appropriate coach course (see coach clinics). Coaches are AYSO certified.

Time Commitment
Coaches have to put in a lot of work during the course of the season: up to 2 practices per week, plus a game on Saturday, plus preparation time for each practice, plus general administrative work. Over the course of a season this is well over 80 hours of work. While other volunteer positions require more or less time, coaching provides the greatest opportunity for you to have fun!

Division Coordinator (Administrative)
Coordinate all activities of the division including registration, balancing of teams, allocation of coaches, scheduling of games, communications with registrars, coaches, referees and equipment manager. We need Division Coordinators. The Division Coordinators take care of tasks like the following:
Serve as liaison between Staff and coaches in a division.
First responder to coaching problems.
Provide advice to ensure AYSO philosophy is upheld.

Assist with Field Duty at games.
Work closely with your registrar, referee scheduler, field marker and equipment manager.

Referees enforce the laws of the game and help assure that sportsmanship counts as much as points on the board. We need Referees for every team. One to three referees work every game. Referees can be as young as 12 years old. Volunteering is good for community service hours. It looks great on high school and college applications, too! Instantly recognizable uniform! You'll learn more about soccer than you thought there was to know!

Referees need to complete the AYSO Child/Volunteer Protection training (online) course, and be certified to the level they will be refereeing (see referee clinics).

Time Commitment
Being a referee is the perfect slot for those AYSO parents who have crowded schedules. Your commitment consists of attending the classes and, when the season begins, attend games scheduled around your child's games (when you would be down at the fields anyway).

Referee courses are 4-12 hours, depending on the level. Referees typically ref at least one game each weekend during the 16 week season. There are also optional monthly referee meetings at the ATC where you may interact with other referees, watch experienced referees, and listen to the "presentation of the month."

Remember…AYSO is a 100% Volunteer Run Organization. We can't provide soccer for 4000 children without you!