AYSO Region 37: U4 & U5 Academies

U4 & U5 Academies Information


Coach/Team Info & Practice Times?
The U4 Academy does NOT have coaches, a parent participates with their child. 
U5 Academy does have coaches, but there is no midweek practices like older divisions, only the Saturday sessions. 

Where will the Saturday sessions be held for Fall 2015?
Shearer Park in Norco, 3364 Western Avenue - Located at the corner of Fifth Street and Corydon Avenue


Group A - Sept 12 - 8am
Group B - Sept 12 - 11am

U4 (ALL PLAYERS) - Sept 12 - 9:40am

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About the U4 Academy

The objective of the U4 Program is to  expose little players to the fundamentals of key motor, balance and coordination skills in an age-appropriate fun session. Players and parents will be supervised by an advanced certified soccer coach/instructor in fun activities. And you too will get to join your child on the field!

Each week the session will be divided into three phases (warm-up, activity, and game) to work on player development. The U4 Program is not pure soccer, it includes balance and coordination skills for young players to gain the skills needed to move up into our U5 Academy and beyond. For further information, please see the handbook below.

About the U5 Academy 

The U5 Academy will combine group training and small-sided games to provide a fun and interactive session for the youngest of our players. Parent involvement is a must during the initial part of each session. Parents will work in a one-on-one format with their children. The sessions will be led by a Master Coach and end with a small-sided match.

A “Master Coach” will lead each session. The Master Coach will introduce a game/activity that will practice a certain skill or part of the game using explanation and demonstration. Each pair (player/parent) will then attempt the activity while the Team Coach and Master Coach circulates between pairs providing specific help or suggestions so that the activities are performed as intended. After a suitable amount of time, the Master Coach will bring the team coaches, players and parents back together as a group, recap what they have done, and introduce the next game/activity.

Each session will end with a 20 minute small-sided game to be overseen by the Team Coach and parents. Most importantly allow the players to play without coaching or teaching them as this experience is designed to expose them to soccer, not to begin developing them. The two goals of the program are to (1) allow the players to enjoy the activities and (2) to let the game be the teacher. For further information, please see the handbook below.


U4 Handbook Click Here

U5 Handbook Click Here


 If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can email Jen Canseco the U4/U5 Academy Director at u4-u5director@ayso37.org.