AYSO Region 37: Team Managers

Important Announcements:

***Sponsorship checks have been mailed to the AYSO office with no form, team number or team name.  

You MUST include your TEAM NUMBER and the sponsorship form when submitting your sponsorship check!!!  This is the only way to give your team credit. 

  ***MAKE-UP PICTURE DAY is September 26th @ Auburndale Intermediate School from 8AM-12noon.  **This MAKE-UP Day is for ***Individual Pictures ONLY***NOT TEAM Pictures.  THANK YOU!*****

(Auburndale INtermediate School is located at 1255 River Road, Corona CA)

DC Photography - ( click this link for their website & contact info)

***Commissioner's Cup/ The Lauren Butler Tournament***

Information on our mid season tournament can be found on the "TOURNAMENT TAB of our Website.  Please see this TAB for more information, details and  to complete the application process.

Team Managers- Keep up the good work, I love seeing all the KID ZONE t-shirts around our fields! We're like wakling signs and reminders that we are all here for the KIDS! All our fields are KID ZONES!  One thing I want to mention is that we have seen a few  dogs that were brought to the side-line of games.  As cute as these doggies are, they are simply NOT allowed on our fields (service animals with proper paperwork are the exception), Thank you!


Welcome to the Team Manager Page of Corona/Norco AYSO Region 37!  Thank you for volunteering, AYSO can not run without the support and help of our volunteers!  As a Team Manager you will be a liason between the Coach & the parents.  An important role a Team Manager can play is to be the unofficial KID ZONE representative at every game.  Please click the KID ZONE Sign above for more information.  In addition, the Team Manager will  remind the team of upcoming games, practices and team parties and of course make a snack list.  There are also some important deadlines that must be met in order to participate in the Commissioner's Cup & Region Cup, please see page 5 of the  Handbook, the link is below.  EVERY TEAM MANAGER MUST REGISTER AS A VOLUNTEER. To register as a volunteer please go to http://www.eayso.org and the National website will walk you through the process.    You will need to also complete the SAFE HAVEN and Concussion Awareness training at aysotraining.org.  Then turn in a copy of the volunteer form at the AYSO office located at 330 s. Maple st., Corona 92880.   If you have any questions you can send them to teammanager@ayso37.org.  Thank you & see you at the fields! GO TEAM!

Rachelle Caporrimo
Team Manager Administrator
Elisa Dyer
Assistant Team Manager Administrator 

  •  Safe Haven Training    

All Volunteers in the region must complete the Safe Haven Certification class. This certification class is done online at the National Level. If it has been more than three years since you have been safe haven certified, you do need to retake the course.

AYSO's Safe Haven program protects its two most vital resources: players and volunteers. As part of this program, AYSO has implemented a number of initiatives to ensure child and volunteer protection.

Volunteer protection comes in to play as a result of volunteer training, certification and continuing education. The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 provides certain legal protections for volunteers who have been trained and certified, and act in accordance with a written job description. Safe Haven has these three elements, giving volunteers the highest degree of protection available under the law.

You will need your eAYSO ID number to login to the training system. You can get this number by logging into eayso.org. If you have any problems or questions please contact our CVPA at: CVPA@ayso37.org

Click on the following link to go to the National AYSO training site and click on the button that says I have my AYSO ID. Select the training class you wish to take and the system will ask you for your ID number. Once you have logged into the system, you will be able to take the Safe Haven Training and Certification classes. Click Here  


Team Party Locations

 Team Parties are fun for the whole family! They help the team bond and allow the parents to get to know one another.  A mid season team party is a great idea as well as an end of season party.  This is also a great time to thank all the volunteers that supported the team. This includes the Coach, assistant coach, referees and anyone else who helped out the team!  Please have all  players wear their jersey to team parties.    

Graziano's Pizza-Corona

Mountain Mikes Pizza-Corona 

Mi Tortilla- Corona

Wingstop Corona - Wingstop Corona will give a 10% discount for AYSO Team Parties

Jersey's Pizza Corona 

Sport's Nut Pizza- Norco 

Aerosports Park-Corona -$7/per hour per player with a minimum of 15 players