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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list below of the most commonly asked questions, don't see your question answered here? Then click on "Board" to the left and send us an email! If there's questions you think should be here, please email web@ayso37.org

Q: I've registered my child, what do I do now?

 Your child's coach will be contacting you shortly before the season starts. This may be months after you registered, so be patient. If your child is in U4 or U5 Academies, then you'll want to look for the date of the Parent Information Meeting on this website as coaches do not contact players (check the front page and/or calendar!). Also start thinking about where you can help volunteer, AYSO is an all volunteer organization, and we need your help! More info is available here.

Q: I registered my child late, and haven't heard anything, who do I contact? 

If you registered your child late and dropped off your payment/forms to the office please be patient, late registrations can take time to process.  You can also check your eayso.org  account. Login and click on the "Team/Coach Information" link on the left side. This will display your players and their team/coaches with contact information for the coaches. If you can't find coach information, please send an email with your child's name and when you dropped off the application to registrar@ayso37.org.

Q: I haven't heard from my coach yet! How do I know who my coach is and how to contact him/her?

Please be patient, it can take time for coordinators and coaches to get all of the info out to everyone. You can also go to eayso.org and login to your account. Click on the "Team/Coach Information" link on the left side. This will display your players and their team/coaches with contact information for the coaches! SPRING 2016 - Coach information will be viewable after Feb. 15th.

Q: I registered my child but now they are not going to play, what do I do to get a refund? 

You'll have to fill out a player drop form, click here for more information.

Q: My older kids are already practicing, but I haven't heard from my U4/U5 child's coach. When will I? 

U4/U5 does not hold weekday practices like the older teams do. Their practices are the same day as their games. You'll learn more at the Parent's Information Meeting.

Q: Is it too late to sign my child up? 

Please see here for up-to-date registration information for our current soccer season.  

Q: I have an issue with my uniform, who do I contact?

Your coach or team manager only can email uniforms@ayso37.org. Please include the following in your email: Team #, Division, First and Last Name of the Contact Person, Contact # and/or Email, Style # (this can be found on the packing slip in the box, it would be even better if you can send a picture of the packing slip, Color, Size, Descripion (be as descriptive as possible) and issue. Please do not email the entire board.  

Q: I'm a coach, where can I have my team practice? 

Spring 2016 practice sites are limited to Santana, Shearer & Auburndale Fields at this time.

Q: I'm a team manager, and I  missed the team manager's meeting, where can I get my team's uniforms? 

Your team uniforms if you didn't pick them up at the team manager's meeting are at the AYSO office, because we are an all volunteer organization there is not always someone at the office, please contact teammanager@ayso37.org to find out availabilty to pick up your uniforms. 

Q: How do I become a volunteer? 

Go to eayso.org  (the same place you signed your player up at) and click on the Adult Volunteer application. Make sure to click all the way throught to the very end and complete the E-Sign or your registration is NOT COMPLETE! If you are a new AYSO volunteer, you also need to print a copy of your volunteer form and drop it off along with a copy of your picture ID to the AYSO office at 330 S. Maple St, Suite A, Corona, CA 92880. If the office is closed, just drop in the mail slot. Once forms are submitted, you must complete safe haven training at aysotraining.org. Safe Haven must now be completed EVERY YEAR (fall). Coaches and Referees should also complete concussion training as well.

Q: I need to drop papers off to the AYSO office, but it's closed. What do I do? 

You can drop off forms and papers to the AYSO office any time of the day or night whether someone is there or not, just drop them in the mail slot in the door. Someone checks the office several times a day for dropped off items.

Q: Why can't I find a phone number to call? 

Please understand, EVERYONE in AYSO is a volunteer. Most of us also hold daytime jobs. As such there is not always someone available to answer a phone. But we all strive to answer emails as quickly as we can. If you have a question, please check the "Board" page or this FAQ to find the appropriate person to contact.

Q: I need more information about the VIP Program 

Contact Amy Sanchez at vip@ayso37.org

Q: Where do I submit my team name request? 

Send your first, second and third selection name requests to teammanager@ayso37.org. Do NOT put your team name on your banner until you have received confirmation of your team name request!

Q: How many weeks is the fall/spring program?

Our fall program is 10 weeks, but we have a week off for the Commissioner's Cup Tournament and then a Fall Cup Tournament at the end. Your child will play a total of 10 season games. Games may be cancelled due to inclement weather, but we will do our best to schedule a makeup game for any missed games.  The Spring program is 8 weeks with a Spring Cup Tournament at the end.

Q: The weather is really bad, will the game go on? 

The safety of our children is of the utmost importance to AYSO Region 37, that being said, we have a very short period of time to complete our seasons. We do our best to determine what will be safe playing conditions, but sometimes we won't know if we need to cancel a game/games until a short time before the actual game time. We do our best to inform everyone of cancellations via our website and facebook page and via messages to coaches as quickly as we can. And remember, you are the parent, if you do not feel comfortable allowing your child to play/practice at any time, you have the right to not let them play/practice!

Q: Can I bring my pet to the park during practice/games?

Sorry but NO PETS are allowed at any park where a game or practice for AYSO is taking place. If you bring your pet, you will be asked by staff, referees, and coaches to remove your pet immediately. If you do not remove your pet, the referees can and may suspend a game until you do so. Service animals with proper identification and paperwork are the ONLY exception.

Q: Why shouldn't we yell and complain when a referee makes a bad call? 

Referees are volunteers just like everyone else that is working hard to make your child's experience with AYSO a positive one. Remember referees are simply human, and everyone makes mistakes, there a lot of things that happen during a game, and it can be difficult see everything that happens. Also the referees may be brand new and/or nervous or they may still be learning all of the many things they need to learn to be a good referee. First, yelling at the referee is not the example you want to set for the children. Second, it accomplishes nothing but stressing you and everyone around you. And finally, it  makes it uncomfortable for that referee, who may now not want to continue learning how to be a good referee. If you have a serious problem with a referee, you are always welcome to come to the tent to speak to someone about your concern, but please refrain from yelling at the referees. Let's set a good example for our children! 

Q: What is Kids Zone? 


As a parent, you play a special role in contributing to the needs and development of youngsters. Through your encouragement and good example, you can help all the boys and girls learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. In AYSO, young people learn to work together, to sacrifice for the good of the team, to enjoy winning and deal appropriately with defeat - all while becoming physically fit and healthy. Best of all, they have fun.


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