AYSO Region 37: Schedules / Standings

Spring 2013 Schedule/Standings

Game Schedules


U6 Game schedule   U6 Field Duty Schedule

U7 Game schedule   U7 Field Duty Schedule

U8 Game schedule   U8 Field Duty Schedule

U10 Game schedule   U10 Field Duty Schedule

U12 Game schedule   U12 Field Duty Schedule

U14 Game schedule   U14 Field Duty Schedule

U17 Game schedule  




U10B Standings
U10B Ref & Sportsmanship
U10B Scores  

U10G Standings
U10G Ref & Sportsmanship
U10G Scores

U12B Standings
U12B Ref & Sportsmanship
U12B Scores

U12G Standings
U12G Ref & Sportsmanship
U12G Scores

U14B Standings
U14B Ref & Sportsmanship
U14B Scores

U14G Standings
U14G Ref & Sportsmanship
U14G Scores

U17C Standings

U17C Ref & Sportsmanship
U17C Scores



  1. Teams are ranked by Points, SP, GD and RP.   Please email any ref points issues to referees@ayso37.org
  2. You need 68 ref points (U14 and below) and 60 Sportsmanship points to qualify for the end of the season tournament.   No Exceptions!!