AYSO Region 37: Schedules / Standings

Fall 2014 Schedule/Standings

Game Schedules

Updated 7/29/14 

U6 Game schedule

U7 Game schedule

U8 Game schedule

U10 Game schedule

U12 Game schedule

U14 Game schedule

U16 Game schedule  (Updated 8/25/14)

U19 Game schedule 


U10B Standings
U10B Ref & Sportsmanship
U10B Scores 

U10G Standings
U10G Ref & Sportsmanship
U10G Scores 

U12B Standings
U12B Ref & Sportsmanship
U12B Scores  

U12G Standings
U12G Ref & Sportsmanship
U12G Scores  

U14B Standings
U14B Ref & Sportsmanship
U14B Scores  

U14G Standings
U14G Ref & Sportsmanship
U14G Scores  

U16B Standings
U16B Ref & Sportsmanship
U16B Scores  

U16G Standings
U16G Ref & Sportsmanship
U16G Scores  

U19C Standings
U19C Ref & Sportsmanship
U19C Scores  



  1. Teams are ranked by Points, SP, GD and RP.   Please email any ref points issues to referees@ayso37.org
  2. You need 68 ref points (U14 and below) and 60 Sportsmanship points to qualify for the end of the season tournament.   No Exceptions!!