AYSO Region 37: Tournaments

Spring Cup 2016



Tournament Rules


The Region staff will determine the number of Region teams eligible for participation in the Spring Cup and will define how the teams are seeded.


All teams will be eligible to play in the Region 37 Spring Cup, provided they meet the following tournament eligibility requirements:

  1. Teams must have attained a minimum 25 referee points.

  2. Attain a minimum of 56 Sportsmanship points.

  3. Submit a completed Spring Cup application 

  4. Team entry applications must be completed online


RULES:  Unless otherwise noted, the current AYSO National Rules and Regulations will be used for this tournament. The following rules are intended specifically for this tournament ONLY!  


PLAYERS: (1) Players on participating teams must have played in AYSO Region 37 during the spring 2016 season and must play with their spring 2016 Team during the tournament .

No LOANER players are allowed. Rosters must be verified by the Regional Commissioner.  Under 10 teams will play 7 v 7  Under 12 teams play 9 v 9  a side so all other teams will play 11v11. (2) All players must play at least 3/4 of each game. Goal Keepers shall play the following maximums – U10 (2 Quarters), U12 (3 Quarters) and U14 and U17 (4 Quarters). Violation of these player rules opens a team up to protest and renders them subject to forfeiture of game and possible disqualification at the discretion of the
Tournament Director, Commissioner, Asst Commissioner and Referee Administrator.
Each coach or team representative must complete a tournament game card and present AYSO Registration/Medical Release forms with original ink signatures at the mandatory team check-in 1 HOUR PRIOR TO FIRST GAME for verification by tournament officials. At game time, each coach must have these Medical Releases in their possession or they will forfeit.


TOURNAMENT FORMAT: The Region 37 SPRING Cup will be single elimination with the winning team advancing to the next round and the opponent being eliminated. The only exceptions will be the consolation games to decide the 3rd and 4th place teams and the possibility that wild card teams will be needed to round out the number of teams in a bracket. A winner must be decided for each match. Awards will be given for the 1st through 4th place teams in each age Division (boys and girls).


GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME! ! !  There will be no grace period to wait for a team during the Spring Open Tournament  play - if you are late, you forfeit! The score for a forfeit will be 1-0.


GAME FORMAT: Each qualifying game will consist of two halves (depending on the division) with a five- minute halftime. Championship games will be full length for that division as designated below. (See Duration of play).


CONDUCT: Coaches shall be held responsible for the actions of their team’s spectators. Coaches will be confined to their team’s side of the field within their coaching area (within 10 yards either side of the center line).

Any coach or spectator ejected must immediately leave the field and will be prohibited from attending the next scheduled game. Any player sent off (red carded) must immediately leave the field accompanied by an adult 

and may not play in the next scheduled game. Any violent red card or ejection may result in the player, coach

or spectator being expelled from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Director, Regional Commissioner and Referee Administrator.

Serious incidents will be reported via the Incident Report form to the Regional Commissioner.


A “home” and a “visitor” side will be designated at each field.  If not, the North or West side shall be designated “home” and the other shall be designated as “visitor”. The home team will be the team listed first on the schedule and will be responsible for providing the game ball. Spectators must remain on the side of the field designated for their team. The home team will change jerseys or wear pennies in the event of a color conflict with the opposing team. The referee will be the final authority on whether this will be necessary.



SUBSTITUTIONS shall be allowed approximately midway through each half for all divisions. All substitutions must be approved and recognized by the referee. Substitutions may be made for injured

players. Cautioned players removed from the field at the coach’s discretion may not be substituted and may not return until the next quarter (exception: an injured player not replaced may return to play with the referee’s

permission). Players sent out to fix equipment violations may not be replaced until the quarter and may only return with the referee’s inspection and permission.

Substitutions in overtime may be made prior to throw-ins and goal kicks by the team in possession of the ball.  If one team substitutes on their possession the other team may then also substitute.


A winning team must be decided for all matches. Games ending in a tie will have two full overtime periods of five minutes in length with teams changing field direction after the first five-minute period. If tied after overtime play, the game shall be decided by FIFA kicks from the mark (shootout).


DURATION OF PLAY:  Game duration shall be as follows:


Qualifying Play




25 min. halves

35 min. halves

5 min. halves


25 min. halves

35 min. halves

5 min. halves


25 min. halves

30 min. halves

5 min. halves


25 min. halves

25 min. halves

5 min. halves

PROTESTS:  Protests will be considered only for the following reasons:  An ineligible player has played.


One or more registered player(s), present and in uniform, has not played the required three quarters of the game (except for illness or injury as approved or required by the game referee).  A goalkeeper does not play the required number of quarters on the field.


All protests must be presented to the Tournament Director within one half-hour hour of the completion of the match. All protests will be heard by the Tournament Director or his designate.  ALL PROTEST DECISIONS ARE FINAL! Referee judgment calls are FINAL and are not grounds for or subject to protest or dispute!  

REFEREE ASSIGNMENTS: Each team registered in the Spring Cup must provide a crew of 3 certified referees. As teams advance additional referee assignments will be made for advancing teams either after the win or prior to the next game or both. Failure to cover a referee assignment may result in that team forfeiting their next game.  It is the team’s responsibility to be aware of all referee assignments including those that are assigned to winning teams. Winning teams may have assignments during the next hour, check in with the tent. This includes standby assignments.