AYSO Region 37: Tournaments

Fall 2014 Commissioners Cup

Fall 2014 Region Cup

Spring Cup 2015
Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the
Corona-Norco Region 37 Spring Cup Tournament this season!
Special thanks to all the Parents, Coaches, Referees, Volunteers, Administrators and the league Commissioner who made the Open Spring Cup Tournament and 
Open Spring season Fun and Successful!

This could not be accomplished without the dedication and support of everyone that is a part of AYSO CORONA/NORCO REGION 37!

SEE YOU ALL SOON FOR THE FALL SEASON! Click Here for Fall Registration info!

Spring Cup Results:
     1ST -  U10G01: Coach Tony Alles
           2nd -  U10G07: Coach Paul Capparelli
             3rd -  U10G02: Coach Bobbi Goldstein
                4th -  U10G03: Coach Patrick Hannegan 
        1ST -  U10B15: Coach Stacy Pierik
          2nd -  U10B10: Coach Jonee Garner
               3rd -  U10B11: Coach Kevin Mildenstein
               4th -  U10B03: Coach Brian Kleinsmith 
           1ST -  U12G06: Coach Scott Corder
         2nd -  U12G01: Coach Jose Merino
          3rd -  U12G04: Coach Steven Moss
            4th -  U12G02: Coach Jason Hatton
          1ST -  U12B04: Coach Patrick Casem
                          2nd -  U12B05: Coach Jose Guillen Herndandez
          3rd -  U12B10: Coach Miguel Matoes
    4th -  U12B02: Coach Ken Dyer 
          1ST -  U14C06: Coach Gene Seddon
          2nd -  U14C07: Coach Bryce Percer
                     3rd -  U14C05: Coach Jennifer Rutherford
                            4th -  U14C08: Coach Told Taylor/Jen Canseco 
          1ST -  U17C06: Coach Bill Gandera
          2nd -  U17C03: Coach Jen Canseco
                3rd -  U17C01: Coach Rolando Serrato
            4th - U17C04: Coach Saud Ahmed