AYSO Region 37: Registration



The following divisions now have waitlists:
All divisions not listed below.

The following divisions have space (hurry before they fill too!):
U12B, U14B,U16B, U14G, U16G, U19Coed

U4/U5 Academies HAVE OPENINGS!



Late registrations still being accepted. Late fee $135. Payment must be online or money order only!

U4/U5 Academy is $110 - money order only (no online payment).

Forms must be dropped off at the AYSO office for registration to be complete! Forms can be dropped in the mail slot.


Office Location: AYSO Region 37 Office, 330 S. Maple St., Corona, CA 92880

Instructions on how to register:

*If you played for AYSO in the past –

1) Log into your eAYSO account, www.eayso.org.

2) Click on Application for a returning player.

3) Click on child’s name and review application and make any corrections. Continue clicking Next until you see player form.

4) You MUST click on agree to electronic signature and type your name. Click Continueand then Submit. DO NOT PRINT UNTIL you have submitted the application.

5) Once submitted you can pay online via credit card if you choose.

6) REGARDLESS OF PAYMENT TYPE, you must Print 2 copies of player form, be sure to set your printer to fit to page, and bring to a scheduled registration date. (Concussion form is your Parent Information Sheet)

7) If registering at FIELD, you MUST pay by MONEY ORDER or PAY ONLINE. You can pay by check, money order, debit/credit, or online at the office registration dates.

*If you are a new player –

1) Create an account at www.eayso.org. Choose region 37.

2) Click on Application for new player then complete each screen. For U4, change the birth date to one year older, then write in the correct date when you print and let the registration staff know when you turn in your paperwork that it is for a U4 player.

3) Follow steps 4-7 above. IN ADDITION, you must also bring a copy of a birth certificate, passport, or medical record. And if playing in U10 or above, please see Player Evaluations below!

Any questions can be directed to our Registrar, registrar@ayso37.org.
Problems with eAYSO, contact eAYSO Support at 866-588-2976.

Player Age Chart:

Division Ages Born Between
U19 16-18 08/01/95 - 07/31/98
U16 14-15 08/01/98 - 07/31/00
U14 12-13 08/01/00 - 07/31/02
U12 10-11 08/01/02 - 07/31/04
U10 8-9 08/01/04 - 07/31/06
U08 7 08/01/06 - 07/31/07
U07 6 08/01/07 - 07/31/08
U06 5 08/01/08 - 07/31/09
U05 4 08/01/09 - 07/31/10
U04 3 08/01/10 - 08/31/11