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AYSO Family: Generations of Referees:
Brett Sanhamel - Son
Steve Sanhamel  - Dad
Tom Sanhamel - Grandfather 



Prior to attending ANY referee class, you must register as a volunteer at eayso.org and have taken      Safe Haven at aysotraining.org 



Tuesday, March 15th, 6:30pm-10pm  AYSO Region 37 Office (330 S. Maple St) MUST REGISTER

Please follow the steps below to register:

1.) Register as a volunteer at eayso.org

2.) Complete Safe Haven Training at aysotraining.org

3.) Complete the Online Referee Course at aysotraining.org

4.) Once the above is complete, email referees@ayso37.org to register.  You will receive an email to confirm your spot.




Region 37 Referee Senior Staff 
  • Referee Administrator: Brian Caporrimo 
  • Director of Referee Assessment: Scott Brand 
  • Director of Referee Instruction: James Affinito
  • Director of Referee Mentors: Greg Goebel & James Balkus
  • Director of Youth Referees: Todd Taylor
  • Assignor / Scheduler: Roman Bosquez & Brian Caporrimo

Contact Brian Caporrimo at referees@ayso37.org

AYSO referees are volunteers.  Most are parents or relatives of the players and some are themselves youth referees.  Staff Referees provide assistance and training to the referees within our region.  In order to help develop our referees, Region 37 has established a Referee Mentor Program.  Please contact Brian Caporrimo at referees@ayso37.org  if you are interested in joining the Referee Staff, or if you are in need of a Referee Mentor.

NEW Referee Point System (Spring)

The referee point system will be amended as follows for U10-U14:

Each team in Spring will receive 4 referee assignments out of the 8 games they play.  Referee Crew consists of a 3 person crew (Referee, 2 assistant referees)

Each team playing will supply 1 standby referee.

Points will be assigned as follows:

Referee:                     4

Assistant Referee:    2

Standby:                     1

End of season totals

Standby: 8

Referee Crew for 4 assignments: 32

Total:  40

Minimum points to enter the Spring Tournament:   25     

Referees in need of makeup assignments should email the Referee Administrator at referees@ayso37.org in order to coordinate such makeup points. 



AYSO New Rules and Regulations:  Heading the Ball
February 15, 2016

Consistent with the US Soccer (USSF) mandates on heading the ball, heading is banned for all division players U-11 (U-12 and below for programs without single age divisions) and below in both practices and games.
Heading for players in U-14 is limited to a maximum of thirty (30) minutes per week with no more than15-20 headers, per player. There is no restriction on heading during a match.
An indirect free kick (IFK) will be awarded to the opposing team if a player, age 10 or younger, deliberately touches the ball with his/her head during a match.

The indirect free kick is taken from the place where the player deliberately touched the ball with his / her head.
An indirect free kick awarded to the attacking team inside the opposing team's goal area, must be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the player deliberately touched the ball with his / her head.
 Neither cautions nor send offs shall be issued for persistent infringe mentor denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity related to the heading infraction.






Becoming a Youth Referee


How old must I be to become a Youth Referee?

  •    12 Years Old by the start of the soccer season

What matches may I referee?

  • May ONLY referee matches for players younger than themselves
  • Example: U14 youth may referee (center or assistant) U12 and below

I need volunteer hours, does being a youth referee count towards my volunteer hours?

  •  Yes it does! Just visit the tent after you complete your referee assignment and ask a staff member to sign your volunteer hours sheet. 

Youth Referee Events

Referee Training Videos (click here)


Like all volunteer positions in AYSO, a certain mandatory level of training is required in order to equip you with the knowledge to fulfill that position.

Refereeing is no different, and in fact requires a fair amount of training. We understand that everyone’s time is limited and thus in Region 37 we try to utilize the online Referee training course wherever possible.


Check-In Procedure

Safe Haven Training

What are the certification levels?

Referee Forms and Documents:

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