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AYSO New Rules and Regulations:  Heading the Ball
February 15, 2016

Consistent with the US Soccer (USSF) mandates on heading the ball, heading is banned for all division players U-11 (U-12 and below for programs without single age divisions) and below in both practices and games.
Heading for players in U-14 is limited to a maximum of thirty (30) minutes per week with no more than15-20 headers, per player. There is no restriction on heading during a match.
An indirect free kick (IFK) will be awarded to the opposing team if a player, age 10 or younger, deliberately touches the ball with his/her head during a match.

The indirect free kick is taken from the place where the player deliberately touched the ball with his / her head.
An indirect free kick awarded to the attacking team inside the opposing team's goal area, must be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the player deliberately touched the ball with his / her head.
 Neither cautions nor send offs shall be issued for persistent infringe mentor denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity related to the heading infraction.

NEW Sideline Tolerance Policy:

All individuals responsible for a team and all spectators shall support the referee. Failure to do so will undermine the referee's authority and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for the players, the referee, and all the other participants and spectators.

AYSO Region 37  rules:
-No one, except the players, is to speak to the referee during or after the game. Exceptions: Coaches may respectfully ask questions before the game or during breaks in play (water break, halftime), point out emergencies during the game, or respond to the referee if addressed.
-Absolutely no disputing calls, during or after the game. Coaches ONLY may respectfully ask referees to monitor unsafe playing conditions during breaks in play (water break, halftime). NO YELLING at the referee, EVER, and no criticism, sarcasm, harassment, intimidation, or negative feedback of any kind during or after the game.
-Violators may be ejected and are subject to disciplinary action by the Region 37 AYSO Disciplinary Committee. Disciplinary action may include suspension from games for certain time periods and/or suspension from AYSO Region 37 fields in extreme cases. Disciplinary action can and will apply to Coaches as well if necessary.
-If coaches or spectators have questions regarding particular calls, rules, or a referee, or wish to give feedback regarding a referee, please contact the referee administrator or board member at the referee tent on the game day. 

Coach Checklist

All Coaches AND Assistant Coaches MUST

  • Submit volunteer forms.  See FAQ here.
  • Take the Safe Haven course. Go to aysotraining.org. Must be renewed every 3-4 years 
  • Take the Concussion Awareness. 1 time only.
  • Take the appropriate age-specific Coaching Course.  See above.

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