AYSO Region 37: Coaches

Wednesday, August 27
Friday Night Player Clinics


Fall Team Trainer Slots


Professional soccer training sessions are still available. Please click the link below to access the training calendar. Follow the directions on the left side of the calendar to reserve your session. One training session request per team. First come, first served.

Where: Santana Field 9
Select time slot here
Cost: No cost....provided by Region for AYSO teams
Requirement: Your team utilizes the entire time slot and shows up 10 minutes early ready to go.

Coach Checklist

All Coaches MUST

  • Submit volunteer forms.  See FAQ here.
  • Take the Safe Haven course. Go to aysotraining.org. MUST BE TAKEN ANNUALLY (PLEASE UPDATE YOUR SAFE HAVEN!). 
  • Take the Concussion Awareness. 1 time only.
  • Take the appropriate age-specific Coaching Course.  See above.

The Region 37 Gazette - Coach's Corner

Welcome Coaches

Game Card Instructions

Check-In Procedure

Coaching Curriculum/Session Planner/On-Line Curriculum

Coach Matrix

AYSO Coach Equivalency

Player Rating Form

Coaches Handbook 

Secondary Season Coach Application