AYSO Region 37: Board

    Board: Position: Email:
    Jen Canseco Commissioner  commissioner@ayso37.org
    Mike O'Connor ARC of Coaches & Refs  arccoachref@ayso37.org
    James Affinito ARC Operations  arcoperations@ayso37.org
    Anthony Vasquez Coach Admin  coaches@ayso37.org
    Bobbi Goldstein Assistant Coach Admin  asstcoachadmin@ayso37.org
    Brian Caporrimo Referee Administrator  referees@ayso37.org
    Jennifer Araujo Child/Volunteer Protection  cvpa@ayso37.org
    Luis Rodriguez Tournaments Director  tournaments@ayso37.org
    Ray Weigand Treasurer  treasurer@ayso37.org
    Mireya Lopez Secretary  secretary@ayso37.org
    Rachelle Caporrimo Team Manager Administrator  teammanager@ayso37.org
    Chris Smith Fields & Facilities  fields@ayso37.org
    OPEN U4 / U5 Academy Director  u4-u5director@ayso37.org
    Keith Meter Director of Communications  communications@ayso37.org
    John Broderick Extra Administrator  extra@ayso37.org
    Amy Sanchez VIP Program Director  vip@ayso37.org
    Victoria Silva Spring Select  springselect@ayso37.org
    Mireya Lopez Uniforms  uniforms@ayso37.org
    James Affinito Dir. of Referee Instruction  refinstruction@ayso37.org
    Todd Taylor Director of Youth Referees  youthreferees@ayso37.org
    Maria Guereca Director of Field Staff  fieldstaffdirector@ayso37.org
    Diana Erwin Registrar  registrar@ayso37.org
    Jeff Jensen Director of Teams  directorteams@ayso37.org
    Karina Juhasz Community Affairs Coordinator  community@ayso37.orrg
    Jake Thomas Director of Marketing  marketing@ayso37.org