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It's About What's Good For The Kids

AYSO is a volunteer-run organization. Coaches, referees and administrators are volunteers. Over 220,000 parents, neighbors, relatives and friends lend their time and talents so that each child gets a terrific AYSO experience.

AYSO’s volunteer foundation ensures that it’s all about what’s good for kids. It also makes AYSO very affordable. AYSO operates in a business manner, but volunteers ensure its “profits” are happy, healthy kids playing a sport they can enjoy for life.

AYSO has developed special training that helps parents who may have little or no soccer experience quickly gain the age-appropriate knowledge and skills they need to be effective coaches and referees. It also has unique administrative and management training. This ensures that each community program:

  • Abides by the AYSO philosophies
  • Offers a great AYSO experience
  • Continues to grow, offering the AYSO opportunity to more children

It only takes a few hours to become qualified as an introductory-level coach or referee. But if you’re not able to commit even that much time, there are many small jobs you can help with. Even a couple of hours each season are an important contribution to your team and Region!

AYSO training doesn’t stop as long as you’re having fun. Referees, coaches and administrators have clinics, workshops and other advanced training available to advance their skills.

If you are going to volunteer to be a coach, ref, team mom or dad, or anything else that will have you working around the kids we need to get a volunteer application. You can do this through eAYSO.

We need:

  • Parking.  As we continue to grow, we will need to expand to provide more parking. If you have access to gravel, paving equipment, or other things that would allow us to increase our parking areas that would be a huge benefit to our facility.
  • Field maintenance. Since we only have 6 fields, and they are in use non-stop for 7 hours on Saturday, we try and let the grass grow during the week. We have to purchase fertilizer, sod, as well as pay for weekly mowing. If you have access to fertilizer ... or want to help spread it or do other lawn maintenance that would be great.
  • Field lining. Each week 4 or 5 people (usually the same few) line and mark the fields. This is time consuming work if we have only 1 or 2 people. If we can get a rotating group of people to help line the fields, that would take a chore that takes several hours and break it into a 1 hour job once a week. It isn't hard, and it is good exercise.
  • Fundraising. We try and use Soccerfest in the Spring as a fundraiser, and we have done well in the past. It is difficult to get coaches to be responsible for players selling things, etc. We also feel that the coaches do enough, and adding one more thing on them isn't fair. So any ideas on painless fund raising or leadership in that area would always be welcome.

Be proactive. Most of the board members spend a considerable amount of time planning, recruiting, and doing the day to day activities that are required to make our region work. We welcome your ideas and opinions, but the main way to make a difference is to get out there and lead the way. The board will do our best to support anyone who wants to help make Region 337 a better place to have fun!

If you want to be a volunteer: Contact us today