AYSO Region 169: Welcome

AYSO Region 169 Grand Blanc.

 Reminder that there are to be no dogs or animals to be on the property at Hartker.

We are moving our web site to :   http://www.ayso169.org/  The Spring 2017 schedules will be posted there.

Dates to Remember for 2017 Spring session

Session Application 2017 Spring.  On or after Jan. 10th Apply on line at www.eAYSO.org  
We are AYSO Region 169 Grand Blanc. 

Feb. 2017 
11th - ***2017 Spring Registration Event*** 

15 th - ***2017 Spring Registration Event***  

 17th - 19th Section 8 Expo, Area G meeting, Region 169 Meetining

March 2017
3rd - Team Formation
20th - Board meeting  7:00pm
30th - Parents, Coaches, and Referee Meeting 6-8PM McFarlen Library community room.


Thursday, December 7
Positions still avaliable on the HS teams for Grand Blanc Soccer Club

If interested in travel soccer for the Boys High School age teams on the Grand Blanc Soccer Club (GBSC) please contact Frank Grandberry  frankgrandberry@aol.com .   Visit the GBSC web site by using the link on our 'Links' page.

General Season Information

The AYSO Season has a Fall session and a Spring session. When a player signs up for the season back in May of 2015 they are signed up for the 2015 Fall and 2016 spring sessions.

-Mid April is when online registration opens up for the Next Season (Fall and Spring).
-Mid May through Mid June there are two or three Registration days to bring in the signed registration, signed concussion forms, Birth certificates and payment.
At that time the player is sized for uniform if one is needed.
Registration and uniform fees are due at that time.
-The fall session usually starts the first weekend of school.
-The spring session usually starts the first weekend in April
-Practices start about two to three weeks before school starting. The dates and times of practice are determinded by the coach.
-Uniforms are given to the coaches to hand out to the players at practice before the games begin
-U5 players meet Sat. 10:30 am to 11:30 am for 1/2 of instruction and 1/2 hour of games.  No practice through the week.
-VIP players meet Sun. 1:30pm to 2:30 pm for 1/2 of instruction and 1/2 hour of games. No practice through the week.
-U6, U8, U10, U12, and U14 play games mainly Sat. or Sun.  They have one practice through the week that is determined by the coach.