AYSO REGION 1288 LYNWOOD: Region Documents


AYSO is an all volunteer organization committed to providing children with an opportunity to play a competitive sport in a safe and supportive environment. In furtherance of this commitment, AYSO provides a program based on six philosophies: Everyone Plays; Open Registration; Balanced Teams; Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development.

AYSO has successfully put forth this type of program for more than 50 years. In order to maintain this standard of excellence at a price that meets with family budgets, Region 1288 needs support from our community.
Region 1288 encourages local businesses and individuals to support the program. Sponsors may choose to support a particular team or the Region as a whole. In order to be tax deductible to the maximum extent provided by law, contributions must be made to AYSO Region 1288 and not to individual teams. Seventy five (75%) percent of any cash amount donated by a Sponsor to support a specific team will be given to the designated team and twenty five percent (25%) of the donation will be retained by Region 1288.

Because the registration fee covers only part of each player's expenses, we encourage team sponsorships by businesses, organizations and individuals. Each donation entitles the business to be appropriately recognized in our regional website, our Facebook page and a plaque of appreciation given at the end of the season. Please contact the Regional Commissioner for additional information. Permission must be granted by the Board before the sponsor may provide additional equipment to the team sponsored.

We are also willing to entertain alternative arrangements and other opportunities. For more information please e-mail our Regional Commissioner, rc@lynwoodayso.org. Please include “AYSO Sponsorship” on the subject line.



Important Information for Parents



Player Registration Forms

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