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Welcome to the Region 58 Referee webpage! In order for our program to succeed, volunteers such as yourself are the cornerstone of the AYSO program and are the keys in promoting a FUN, FAIR and SAFE soccer experience for our children. All of us on the Referee staff look forward to an exciting season and would be happy for you to join us on the field and volunteer as a referee this year.

If you would like to contribute to this page or have questions, feel free to contact our Region 58 Referee Staff:

Name Title
Email Address
Mark Reveche
Regional Referee Administrator region58rra@gmail.com
Stuart L. Jaffe
Referee Staff At-Large jaffesoccer@gmail.com
Boyd Windette Regional Director of Referee Instruction region58refins@gmail.com
Jason Hudson Regional Director of Referee Assessment pelejay@gmail.com
Alan Greenlee Regional Director of Referee Scheduling refassignor58@gmail.com
Beau MacDonald Director of Referee Equipment and Supplies beaumacdonald@sbcglobal.net
Peter Rich
FIFA Law Interpreter/"You Make the Call" Coordinator jprich@mwe.com
  Statistician - Referee Points Questions ayso58stats@gmail.com
David Gruber Referee Mentor djgtbank18@aol.com
Joseph Zusman U16/U19 Scheduler joyo3kids@gmail.com
Avner Kaspi U10 Referee Coordinator akaspi@sbcglobal.net
Avi Leibovici Referee Recruitment lei400@pacbell.net
Art Newman Referee Staff At-Large  0fishy8@gmail.com
Jim Osborne Referee Staff At-Large wjo@wjolaw.com


AYSO offers unrivaled comprehensive training for referees. Because the training is focused on the kids, referee training is more than learning the rules of soccer - it's a multi-dimensional experience.

The Basic Referee courses, which are required elements for all those individuals new to refereeing, emphasize the fundamental elements of the Laws of the Game, namely getting the match started, stopping and restarting play.

For those interested in joining the referee ranks, the required training consists of a full-day course or 2 half-day (evening) classes that are designed for individuals refereeing in the U10 division or higher. No advance preparation is required and all course materials will be provided on the day of the class. Refreshments will be provided, along with lunch at the all-day classes.

Completion of the Basic Referee course certifies that you may referee an AYSO soccer match; however, all of our new volunteers begin refereeing games at either the U6/U8 or U10 level. Every volunteer who acts as a center or assistant referee takes the same course, providing Region 58 with well trained referee corps. Specialized instruction for assistant referees is included in the full-day course. In addition to our on-the-field mentoring program for new referees, we hold workshops during the regular season for those who wish to hone their skills and referee at a higher level later on.

For those experienced referees seeking to upgrade their badge to either the Intermediate or Advanced level, we encourage you to take one of the Intermediate or Advanced Referee courses that are typically offered within Area 10V. Check the Area 10V website or contact the Area Referee Director of Instruction for details of these course offerings or ask anyone on the Referee Staff for information about attending one of these advanced classes.

We coordinate our training program with other local AYSO regions. If our training dates are not convenient for you, many of the other regions in the surrounding Van Nuys- Sherman Oaks area offer similar courses that may better fit your schedule. We anticipate that there will be a number of classes from mid-July to mid-September that will be available to you as alternative choices. Check the Area 10 V website for class dates, locations and registration information.


In AYSO there is no out-of-pocket cost in becoming a referee. We only ask that you invest your time to help promote a FUN, FAIR and SAFE environment for our kids. Once you have completed the Basic Referee class, you will be provided a complete uniform and accessory kit needed in order to get you off to the right start in your first match.

Once again, thank you to all who volunteer to be a referee. We appreciate your commitment to our kids and the AYSO program and we will do whatever we can to make this experience as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible. See you on the field! Referees are encouraged to check the web site frequently for updates, announcements and other information.

Referee Equipment

Referee uniforms and supplies are kept in the north equipment storage container near the Snack Bar. We are “open for business” for you to obtain what you need on Saturday mornings from 6:45 am to 9:45 am. Please allow enough time to pick up equipment well before your games. After hours, equipment ordered ahead will be packaged for you and available at the Ref Tent. The best way to order referee uniforms or referee equipment is to email Beau at beaumacdonald@sbcglobal.net.

New referees: after the Basic Referee class, before your first match, pick up your Regional Referee badge and uniform. We provide a gold jersey with black stripes, black shorts, white-striped black socks, and a black hat. You provide black shoes and a chronograph wristwatch. When you are ready to center your first match you will receive an accessory kit (referee whistle, match coin, card wallet). Center refs for U10 or higher matches qualify for a set of flags.

Experienced refs: you should have received a gold jersey with thick-thin pin stripes. Please order a new gold jersey if you have not yet received one. A women’s cut is also available. It’s ok to retire your narrow stripes or any older patterns: recycle ref uniforms at the ref equipment container. We will donate them to a local group that receives donations of players’ uniforms from Region 58.

The Ref Staff requests that you wear the correct uniform while officiating. Yes, we have a referee dress code: “Look like a professional referee.” Our appearance and attitude reflect our commitment and responsibilities. We provide positive examples for our kids, their families, and their coaches. Random clothing and untucked jerseys earn less respect. Has your hat faded from black? Please come get a new one. Need comfy new compression socks? We stock your size. Misplaced your whistle? We’ll fix you up.

Region 58’s “Sunday refs” officiate U16 and U19 games all weekend and require a larger selection of jersey colors. For the 2011 season, they will receive black jerseys to add to their red, blue and green choices. Sunday refs: do you have “new stripes” in all our colors? To further motivate our experienced refs to enhance their skills and advance to the next badge level, our Intermediate refs qualify for various upgrades, and our Advanced and National refs receive incentives including gear bags and other goodies, plus special jerseys (watch for Region 58’s ref teams in new bright cyan and macaw jerseys).

We appreciate all of you; tell us what you need. Send an email, describe the item/s you want; include size/s and color/s if applicable. Sizes range from Adult XS to XXL for most clothing. You may try on items to ensure you get the correct size. Ask questions. Ask about special orders. We track inventory closely to be able to give you what you need quickly. We ask that you don’t help yourself. Ask at the Ref Tent if you absolutely must have something right now; we can often help you. Please order ahead if you can; if you can’t, please drop by the storage container on Saturday morning anyway. Thank you very much.


Unfortunately it may occasionally be required to file a Misconduct Report Form in the upper divisions (U14 to U19). This form is currently available as a PDF file that can be downloaded and then filed with the Regional Ref Administrator at the Ref Tent. Click here to download the PDF Form

Referee Documents

See Referees Handouts page for the following documents.

AYSO & USSF Documents - English

  • 2011 AYSO Laws of the Game
  • 2011 - 2012 Advice to Referees
  • 2011 Guide to Procedures
  • Guidance for Coaches, Referees, Parents & other Volunteers
  • Referee Service Points


  • 2011-2012 Laws of the Game - Spanish AYSO edition
  • 2011 Guia Para Arbitros Sobre Las Reglas De Juego
  • 2011 Guia de Procedimientos

Region 58 Documents

  • Referee Volunteer & Course Sign-up Information
  • What is the Advantage Rule?
  • Handball Guidance
  • 2012 Region 58 Playoff Game Guidelines
  • 10 Rules for Region 58 Referees

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