Grayslake AYSO #396: VIP Program

VIP Program
Our VIP (Very Important Player) Program is designed to provide a quality soccer experience for children whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult for them to participate on mainstream teams. VIP teams many include those who are:

  • physically disabled or have a condition that impairs mobility
  • mentally or emotionally challenged
  • autistic
  • affected by Downs Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy
  • otherwise more comfortable playing on a team with extra attention for special needs
These teams are Very Important Players (VIP) in AYSO. We strive to help foster in these participants a sense of belonging and acceptance by providing a program that gives everyone a chance to play. In this program, all of the children play, regardless of their limitations, and goals are celebrated no matter for whose team they count. For every child, we pursue the following objectives:
  • To have fun playing soccer
  • To understand the fundamentals of the game
  • To learn teamwork and fair play
  • To increase self-esteem in all of participants

The VIP teams play on Saturday mornings at their appropriate skill level. They play the same season and receive the same uniforms that the other Core AYSO team play. And the VIP teams play against a mix of other Grayslake core teams and VIP teams from other AYSO regions. It has proven to be an extremely rewarding experience for VIP players, parents and competing players!

For more information on the VIP Program, as well as registration, please contact our VIP Program Director at

VIP Buddy Program

Our VIP program is dependent on having a set of buddies that can be on the field with our players, assisting them according to their specific needs. If you enjoy working with this very special type of player, please consider becoming a VIP buddy. No commitment is required - simply meet us any Saturday morning during the season on the VIP field (closest to the parking lot) at 9:45 AM at Mill Creek Park.

We offer free Safe Haven certification and any time that you spend with us can count towards community service hours for your school or club.