Grayslake AYSO #396: Coaches Corner


Training Opportunities

Remember to check for the latest coach and referee training opportunities in our area.  All training for Grayslake AYSO coaches and assistant coaches is provided at no charge.  

As we are working to ensure consistent and strong coaching is provided for all teams, we are requiring that all Grayslake coaches and assistant coaches are trained and certified for the specific age level they will be coaching.
U6 coaches must complete Safe Haven and U6 training.
U8 coaches must complete Safe Haven and U8 training.
U10 coaches must complete Safe Haven and U10 training.
U12 coaches must complete Safe Haven, U10 and U12 training.
U14 coaches must complete Safe Haven, U10, U12 and Intermediate training.
U19 coaches must complete Safe Haven, U10, U12, Intermediate and Advanced training.  Coaches that wish to may complete the National coaching course.

Positive Coaching

One of the 6 AYSO Philosophies is Positive Coaching. This letter describes a perspective that all of our AYSO coaches are encouraged to always keep in mind. 

Coach Certification Requirements

A new AYSO National policy states that all AYSO coaches and assistant coaches that wish to coach in our program must be trained at the level of the team they coach. 

Other Things to Remember

Reminders from the Regional Coach Administrator

  1. Follow the six AYSO philosophies.
  2. Get your team parents involved from the get go.  Take the burden off of you as the coach.  Get a parent to be in charge of phone calls, snack scheduler, field set up parent, picture day forms and money collector, end of the season party scheduler, etc.  This will allow you to spend more time thinking about COACHING!
  3. Games should begin and end on time.  To begin on time, teams should meet 15-30 minutes before the game to warm up players and for coaches to do their pre-game planning.  Referees will be encouraged to end games before the top of the hour, so late starts will cut into playing time.
  4. There should be no heading or slide-tackling below U12.
  5. Heading is allowed in U12, but slide-tackling isn't allowed in U12 until the spring season (and then referees will still watch for dangerous slide tackle, e.g. from behind)
  6. Report any coaching issues to the Regional Coach Administrator
  7. Field set up reminders: 
  • U6, U8 and U10 corner flags are set up by the home team each Saturday with the 08:30 start time.  The last home team to play that day is required to replace the corner flags into the AYSO lock box near the field(s).
  • U12, U14 to U19 field corner flags are set up and taken down by the home team and placed into the AYSO lock box near the field
Have FUN coaching

Required Equipment 
All players at all levels are required to have shin-guards and socks that cover the shin-guards.  In addition, the following rules apply to player equipment at practices or games.  In all cases, SAFETY FIRST!

  • Any cleats worn must be soccer cleats.  Soccer cleats differ from football or baseball cleats in that they don't have a cleat at the tip of the toe. 
  • No hard casts of any kind may be worn on the field.  Also, a player may not remove their cast in order to play.  This policy will be enforced by the referee team.
  • Earrings may not be worn on the field.  This includes new piercings - even if they are covered by tape or band-aids.  This policy will be enforced by the referee.
  • No hard objects or loose jewelry may be worn in the hair. 
  • U5, U6 and U8 players use a Size 3 ball, U10 and U12 players use a Size 4 ball, and U14 and above use a Size 5 ball

Kids Zone Parent Pledge
Because AYSO is not just about sports, but also about child development, all parents signed a Kids Zone Parent Pledge at registration.  To remind you of what that means, download the PDF version of that pledge on this site (on the Parents' Page)

The Grayslake Park District has final say regarding field usage here in Grayslake.  Contact the Park District Weather Hotline for field conditions.  If the Park District feels that the fields are unplayable then AYSO is obligated to cancel all practice and games. 

Grayslake AYSO cancels games and practices if there is lightning or if the fields are in unplayable condition. Game Cancellation Notices will be on this website. If games are canceled, look for a notice on the home page, or call the Hot-line.  Please do not drop off your child and leave until you know whether practices or games are on. 

Because our region rents the use of the soccer fields, AYSO has all rights to request that pets be removed from the park during the time that the fields are in use.  Bringing pets to a soccer game or practice poses many threats to players and spectators:

  • Unleashed dogs (and those who've slipped the leash) can and do run out onto the field of play, distracting players from the game and possibly causing extra falls.
  • Dogs on the field of play may become overexcited and accidentally bite a player or referee.
  • Some players are afraid of dogs and others are allergic to them.
This is basically a safety issue: loose dogs and even leashed dogs near the field have the potential to cause serious problems. Please leave them at home.  Games will be either held up or suspended until pets are removed from the park.