Grayslake AYSO #396: Volunteer!


AYSO Is An All Volunteer Organization

AYSO is a 100% volunteer organization, so chances are that something you think should be done doesn’t have someone available to do it. We have volunteers who work hard to ensure the players can play in a safe, fair, fun environment. They handle everything including the formation of teams, the distribution of uniforms and equipment, the scheduling of fields, games, referees, training, tournaments, special programs, clinics, summer camps, etc.  Of couse, some of our most important volunteers are those wonderful folks who give up a their time and energy to coach our wonderful children. The coaches and referees are volunteers, and all the staff who hold this organization together are volunteers. You could be a volunteer, too!

Volunteer registration for coaches, assistant coaches, referees or other positions
  1. Go online -
  2. Login using your userid and password
  3. Apply to volunteer
  4. Print and sign a copy of the Volunteer Registration Form.
  5. Bring the Volunteer Registration form to an in-person registration event, or send it to:
    Grayslake AYSO  #396
    P.O. Box 174
    Grayslake, IL 60030 
Board Openings

Below is a partial list of the current volunteer opportunities outside of coaching or being a referee.  You can contact our Volunteer Coordinator to find an exciting opportunity that best suits to your volunteering interests.

Coach Administrator: You are the voice of the coaches.  You are also responsible for game schedules.  You make sure that each coach has been properly trained with the resources available to them.  You also work closely with the Referee Administrator to make sure that the games run smoothly with no incident. 

Referee Administrator:  You are the voice of the referees.  You set up a scheduling system for the referees so that games are covered.  You provide each referee with the tools to make sure they are properly trained to fulfill their ref duties.

Registrar:  You are responsible for registering all of the players into an AYSO based data system.  You then work closely with the Coach Administrator to make sure that teams are balanced.  

Safety Director: Your responsibility is to work with the park district to ensure all goals are safe and secure.  You are also the point person to fill out any documentation that is required if there is an injury on the field.

Uniform Coordinator: Your responsibility is to order uniforms, organize uniform kits, and distribute uniforms.

Community Liaison: This person needs to be organized and have some computer knowledge. He or she would be in charge of creating/modifying flyers for distribution to all schools in the AYSO region. This person would also be in charge of contacting the schools and arranging for drop off of the flyers. All information for flyers and contact names and numbers are already in place.  This board member should complete BASIC and Registrar Training.
Attending monthly Board Meetings.

AYSO Camp Co-Coordinator: Primary contact for AYSO affiliated Camp Organization, coordinating campers and trainers and housing. Primary contact with AYSO Camps for camp brochure, securing fields, and dates. Attends camp when necessary and arranges for housing of trainers. One camp/year (Summer Camp (85-100 campers)).  This board member should complete BASIC and Safe Haven Training.

Fundraiser/Sponsor Coordinator: Primary recruiter for attracting local sponsors and incorporating both local and national sponsors into our region. Identifying unique opportunities for fund-raising and organizing the event/volunteers.

Director of Instruction: This board member is responsible for coordinating all training (Coach, Referee, Management) events for region 396.  Requires BASIC Training, and ideal candidates should work towards obtaining either Coach or Referee Instructor Training.  Attends monthly Board Meetings as necessary.

Web Administrator: This board member is responsible for updating all pages of the Grayslake AYSO Website. Includes posting schedules, updating relevant information and maintaining the online channel of communication. Only basic HTML skills are required. Also attends monthly Board Meetings.