AYSO Region 187 Moreno Valley, California: About AYSO / FAQ

Saturday, September 7
About AYSO

About AYSO

1. What is AYSO?

AYSO stands for the American Youth Soccer Organization, started in 1964 in Hawthorne, CA. It is the largest volunteer based organization in the USA with over 250,000 volunteers and about 600,000 children participating. The goal of AYSO is to provide all players the opportunity play in a fun, fair and safe environment.

2. What is a Region?

A Region is a community which has a chartered AYSO program approved by AYSO National and is run by a Regional Board. There are about 1,100 Regions in the USA. We are Region 187 and cover all of MoVal, and parts of Riverside and Perris.

3. What is an Area, Section and National?

Moreno Valley and seven other Cities (Jurupa, Perris, Riverside, Menifee, French Valley, Corona and Murietta) form Area “R”. It is the largest Area in the United States, with about 16,000 players; it is separately administered by the Area Director and staff. Several Areas make up a Section and each one is administered by a Section Director and staff. In our case, we belong to Section 1, with 11 Areas and 70 Regions; this is the largest Section in the United States with over 100,000 players. National is composed of the 14 Sections and is run by the National Board of Directors.

4. What is so special about AYSO compared to other youth soccer programs?

One major difference is that we make sure that all kids, regardless of their ability, get to play at least 50% of each game. In Region 187, the rule is 75%. So your child only “sits” out one-quarter of the game at most. Secondly, we offer a positive environment for the kids to learn soccer and truly enjoy the sport without the intense competition and pressure. However, those who want to play at a much higher competitive level also have the opportunity to play in our Select and Extra Programs should they wish at a much lower cost. Third, we offer free education to those who want to become coaches and/or referees or just plain want to become familiar with the rules of soccer. And lastly, our fees are just a fraction of the cost compared to other soccer and/or sport programs.

5. What programs can Region 187 offer for my child?

Please refer to the “Our Program” on our web page for a comprehensive listing of the programs offered for the beginner to the advanced player GENERAL INFORMATION

6. Who may play?

Any child between the ages of 5 to 18 (as of July 31st) can play – exception is when we offer a U5 program for 4 year olds. We also offer a VIP program with some parental participation for players with special needs.

7. How do I determine my child’s age division or whether he/she is old enough to play AYSO soccer?

You may obtain this information at the AYSO National site: http://soccer.org/AdminManagement/Registration/Age+Guide.htm

8. Do I have to register my child to play in the same City I live in?

No you don’t! The great thing about AYSO is that you can live in one City and play in another City which has an AYSO program! We call this Open Registration, one of our six philosophies.

9. How many programs does Region 187 have and how long is each one?

Our region has two regular programs: Fall (competitive) and Spring (non-competitive and co-ed). We also have the Extra and Select programs for those players who are looking for a higher competitive play. Please refer to the flow chart at the beginning of this FAQ for more info on each program.

10. How many matches are scheduled for each program?

All divisions will play a 10-match schedule during the Fall program and an 8-match schedule during the Spring program.

11. Where will the matches be played?

The matches are played on Saturdays at the Mountain View Middle School fields. If more fields are needed, other sites will be listed as a needed basis. REGISTRATION

12. When is the open registration?

Open registration for the Fall program begins in May and in January for the Spring program. The dates will be posted online at http://www.ayso187.org, advertised in the local newspaper and fliers, which are distributed to the schools.

13. Can my child play on the same team as a friend, be transferred to another team for carpooling, child-care or other reasons?

No. Due to team balancing and fair play, Region 187 will only honor requests for siblings in the same division. There will be no exceptions to this policy!

14. How can I register?

During open registration and online at http://www.eayso.org

15. I missed the open registration. Is there any way to sign up my child so s/he can play?

Yes. Final registrations begin after our last open registration day and are taken until the second week of the season. Those interested may call (951) 242-2976 (AYSO) or email us at: registrar@ayso187.org with your name, contact number and email, child(ren) name(s), date of birth and current age. Your child will be added to a waiting list and added to a team when an opening is available. When you are contacted by the Registrar for an opening, you will be directed to the online registration tool: www.eayso.org to complete the player registration form.

16. What is the registration fee to participate in AYSO?

During Open Registration the fees will be posted. You will also get a break in the fee if you go online, register and bring three signed pre-printed copies to one of our Open Registrations.

17. How can I pay for the registration?

We accept cash, all major credit cards, debit cards, money orders, and cashier’s check.

18. If for some reason my child cannot play after registration, do you offer refunds?

Yes, but only under special circumstances. All special circumstance refund requests must be submitted in writing by using the Refund Request Form, available online under “Forms”.

19. What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee reserves a place for your child to play during the season. However, it only partially covers a portion of costs related to the child’s uniform (jersey, shorts and socks), supplemental accident insurance, field maintenance and lighting expenses, pictures, medals or trophies, field supplies, etc. The region supplements the additional expenses by conducting fundraising and/or sponsorship activities every season.

20. What other expenses can I expect if my child participates?

• Team Sponsorship (Fall) • Team Banner (Fall) • Fundraiser (Fall/Spring) UNIFORMS & PRACTICES

21. What equipment will my child need?

The region will provide a uniform (jersey, shorts and socks) to each player but you will be required to purchase shin guards and soccer cleats/gym shoes/sneakers. No metal cleats or toe cleats are allowed.

22. When can’t my child play?

Players shall not be permitted to practice or participate in any AYSO match with any type of hard cast or splint. Although the use of knee braces by players is not prohibited during matches, the braces must be adequately covered and padded so that the possibility of causing injury to other players on the field is eliminated.

23. Where will the practices be held and how often?

The Coach will determine the practice times and locations based on their convenience. No team shall practice more than 3 hours per week and no more than 2 hours per day.

24. The season is about to start and I don't know which team my child is on! What do I do?

If the coach does not contact your child 2 weeks before Game Day #1, please login to your account at www.eAYSO.org Registration Tool and click on the Team/Coach Information link or email the Registrar and/or Coach Administrator or call our message line at 951-242-2976.

25. Will there be any practices or matches when it’s raining?

Yes! The only time practices and matches will not take place as scheduled is when the fields are not playable and/or if there is thunder or lightning in the area. The coach will determine if there will be practices during weekdays and will notify the players and/or parents. For matches, a referee always has the final decision to suspend the match if in his/her opinion the safety of the players is in jeopardy.

26. If my child is injured, will he be covered by a medical insurance?

Yes, your child will be covered by Soccer Accident Insurance. All injuries during practices or matches should be reported first by informing the Safety Coordinator or the Commissioner via email or 951-242-2976 message line within 24 hours of the incident. Then you must submit a fully completed Incident Report Form, which is available online to one of the above persons within 72 hours of the incident.

27. To whom should I speak if I have any concerns about my child's coach?

If you cannot resolve the situation with the coach, please contact your Division Coordinator, Coach Administrator, or the Regional Commissioner at your earliest. REFEREE POINTS PROGRAM

28. What is the purpose of the Referee Points Program?

Since AYSO is a total volunteer organization, this program was developed to encourage more participation by parents and other adults in our region. By refereeing at least one game every game day, the team earns points helping them to advance to the Memorial Cup Tournament at the end of the season. This may lead the team all the way to the Tri-Section Championship Playoffs in March/April.

29. What does my team have to do to earn the points?

The specifics of the Referee Program will be communicated to the coaches prior to the start of the season and referee clinics will be offered to get the certifications. The info will also be posted under the Referee Corner online. POST FALL SEASON PROGRAMS

30. What additional programs are available for my child to continue playing soccer after the Fall season?

We have the Memorial Cup Tournament Play-offs, Spring Select and Extra. Please refer to “Our Programs” on our web page.

31. What is the requirement for my child’s team to play in the Memorial Cup Play-offs?

The team MUST fulfill all the requirements of the Referee Program during the Fall season. This is the only way we can encourage more participation by the parents for the Region to put on an effective program. This is the parents’ responsibility.