AYSO Region 187 Moreno Valley, California: Fall 2013 Forms

Spring Registration 2014


NEW TEAM Sponsorship Form

To request sponsorships - personal, corporate or otherwise. You only need to fill out the upper part of the form and have the rest filled out by the Sponsor. The Sponsor may send the payment and form on own or you may collect and submit both to the Regional Treasurer.


Extra & Select Coach Application


Player Drops

Fill this form if for ANY reason you want one of your players replaced – until the player drop request is verified by a Board member, a new player will NOT be added on a roster.


Refund Request

If your child was placed in a team and dropped for some reason beyond the coach’s control, the parents must complete this player drop and refund request form. The refund amount, if any, is completely at the discretion of the Regional Commissioner and Treasurer. Refund amounts will be affected by such things as progress into season, reasons for dropping, cost thus far to Region 187 for player’s participation and other factors.


Check Reimbursement

All reimbursement requests for purchases require this form to be completed, signed, approved and submitted to the
Regional Treasurer. Any expenditure over the amount of $50 must be authorized by the AYSO Region 187 Regional
Commissioner or the Assistant Regional Commissioner prior to the purchase. If prior authorization is not obtained, you
will be responsible for the total cost of that purchase.


Incident Report

Should you and/or player get hurt during his/her participation in an AYSO event (game or practice), please print, fill out
follow steps in requesting reimbursement for medical expenses less the deductible, through the
AYSO insurance program.


Purchase Order Request

Complete this request and submit to Regional Treasurer to determine funds availability.


Suggestion Form

This is your opportunity to provide suggestions on how to improve your AYSO Program in this Region. In order for this
report to be considered for action, all three sections must be filled. Please use one form per suggestion. We thank you for
taking the time to help enhance this program.


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