AYSO Region 187 Moreno Valley, California: Board

    Board: Position: Email:
    Mark Tatum Regional Commisioner  commissioner@ayso187.org
    George Brummer Assistant Commissioner  
    Jose Rodriguez Coach Administrator  coach@ayso187.org
    Rhyan Miller Assistant Coach Administrator  
    Greg Hood Referee Administrator  
    Raul Lopez Asst. Referee Administrator  
    Lucero Moncayo Registrar  registrar@ayso187.org
    Tamara Kimsey Treasurer  treasurer@ayso187.org
    Kris Tatum CVPA  cvpa@ayso187.org
    Mike Sislo Safety Director  safety@ayso187.org
    Monica Mejia Secretary  
    Caris Brummer Regional Manager  
    Jeanne Wagner VIP Coordinator  
    Frank Lopez Director of Competitive Play  
    Lisa Ledzma Extra Coordinator  
    VACANT Select Coordinator  
    Ainsly Ignatius Webmaster  webmaster@ayso187.org
    Larry Vegiga Scheduler/Statistician  
    VACANT Extra/Select Treasurer  
    Lyndsey St. Clair Team Parent Coordinator  
    VACANT Volunteer Coordinator  
    Gloria Lopez Uniforms Fall/Spring  
    VACANT Uniforms Competitive Play  
    VACANT Purchaser  
    Jeni Reed Picture Coordinator  
    Gloria Lopez Trophy Coordinator  
    Daniel Torres Field Manager  
    Raul Lopez Corporate Sponsor Coordinator  
    VACANT Fundraising Coordinator  
    Greg Hood Tournament Director  tbirdtourney@ayso187.org
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