AYSO 181: Registration

Parents and volunteers online pre-registration benefits:

  • AYSO's online registration tool can be found at www.eayso.org. 
  • It takes an average of 4 minutes to enter all the required information for one player or volunteer.
  • Required personal identifying information (SSN, DL #, etc.) is encrypted on entry and much more secure than using paper forms. No more hassles for Registrars with incomplete forms!  Storage of forms no longer required with eSignature.
  • Parents/volunteers only have to do this once. Save user name and password, next season it will take less than 1 minute to sign up again! 
  • Parents/Volunteers can print the needed copies of their own forms on the spot. Special software is no longer needed to print.
  • No handwriting to decipher! Fewer data errors! All info is up to date! 
  • Many schools, libraries and community centers have banks of computers that might be used for members who don't have computer access of their own.
  • Saves time!  No longer filling our or updating forms at event.  Bring printed registration form with up to date information and cash check or money order to next Registration Event.


STEP 1:  Complete the  

Returning players who have never used eayso.org will have to complete a new player application the first time using eayso.org to confirm sensative information.  

Complete the eSignature process by checking a box and typing in name when instructed.  Then click continue and next at the bottom of the page and print when prompted.

STEP 2:  Print one (1) copy of the Player Registration Form(s)

STEP 3:  On Registration Days (see calendar) - Bring payment, Registration Form, and payment (cash, check, or money order) to East Hills Mall, 3000 Mall View Road, Suite 1047, Northeast Bakersfield

Registration Fees:

New Spring League - April to June - $85 

Fall League - August to October for Under 8 players or November for Under 10 players - $85 

Registration includes:  1) Uniform:   Jersey, short, and socks.  2) Injury Insurance for Player and Volunteer. 4) Pictures in the Fall League 5) Possible Player or Team Clinics in the Spring League 6) Plus, FUN, FUN, FUN in the Spring or Fall Seasons!!!  

Children can play if they are ages 4 thru 18 as of July 31st.  See the AYSO Age Guide.  

Registration does not include $5 parking per gameday at the Kern County Soccer Park.  

All Under 5 through Under 14 games will be played on Saturdays at the KCSP.

Under 16 and Under 19 games will be played at the State Farm Soccer Complex in Region 73 on Saturdays with a possibility of Tuesday games at the KCSP.



No experience needed, just a desire to help the children have a great time.  AYSO is an ALL VOLUNTEER 501(c)(3) Organization. When you talk to the Volunteers - Remember to speak kindly as they are taking time to help ALL the children play soccer. 

A Coach, Assistant Coach, Referee, Assistant Referee, and Team Parent/Managers are NEEDED for EVERY Team.  No Experience Necessary.  Youth may volunteer to Referee for a team with an adult referee.  We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Youth Referees and a Referee Abuse Policy in place for Adult Referees.

Complete the following steps below to Volunteer for a team:

STEP 1:  Complete an  (Retain AYSO ID# for training)

STEP 2:  Complete the  

STEP 3:  Complete the 

STEP 4:  Sign-up for the next   

STEP 5:  Attend Training OR Help at one or more of the Clinics.

AYSO is an ALL volunteer organization.  AYSO Region 181 has a goal that every certified volunteer will receive the utmost appreciation and support from the spectators, fellow volunteers, and the Volunteer Board members.