AYSO 1390: About Us

Wednesday, May 8
About AYSO
AYSO is where kids learn to play soccer
AYSO is where kids learn soccer. It's a community soccer program with a national reputation. Its mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer program.
AYSO'S six philosophies separate us from the pack: 
Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship & Player Development.  
  • Everyone Plays 
 Our program's goal is for kids to play soccer, so we mandate that every player on every team play at least half of every game. 
  • Balanced Teams
Each year we form new teams as evenly balanced as possible, because it is fair and more fun when teams of equal ability play. 
  • Open Registration 
Our program is open to all children between 4 and 19 years of age who want to register and play soccer. Interest and enthusiasm are the only criteria for playing. 
  • Positive Coaching
Encouragement of player effort provides for greater enjoyment by the players and ultimately leads to better skilled and better motivated players. 
  • Good Sportsmanship
We strive to create a positive environment based on mutual respect rather than win-at-all costs attitude, and our program is designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of AYSO. 
  • Player Development
We believe that all players should be able to develop their soccer skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities, both individually and as members of a team, in  order to maximize their enjoyment of the game.
AYSO community soccer leagues are called Regions and we are one of almost 1,000 AYSO Regions across America. AYSO is a non-profit organization with one goal: deliver a great soccer learning experience for every boy and girl.
To learn more about AYSO, visit  AYSO.org