Austin Women's Kickball: Welcome

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Friday, September 23
Welcome to Austin Women's Kickball Association's Official Website!

Welcome to the 2016 AWKA season! 

Games for September 24, 2016 


                Field                Division               Visitor  vs   Home

8:30 A B X-Treme Boomers  vs  Purple Passion

9:45 A B Bad Pitches  vs  Purple Passion

11:00 A B Bad Pitches  vs  Balligerents

12:15 A C-Low DYD  vs  Wicked Kickers 


8:30 B C-High Just One More  vs  Divas

9:45 B C-High Da' Bruizerz  vs  PY Hitters

11:00 B C-High Margarita Mamas  vs  Kick Tease

12:15 B C-High RiKICKulous  vs  Bad News Bears 


8:30 C C-Low Texas Honeys  vs  Recess Ramblers

9:45 C C-Low Lady Ninjas  vs  Recess Ramblers

11:00 C C-Low Lady Ninjas  vs  Divas Fo' Sho!

12:15 C C-Low BAM  vs  Haggard Soles


8:30 D D Brown  vs  Survivors

9:45 D D Kiss My Kicks  vs  Delivery Divas

11:00 D D Divas, Too!  vs  Tres Divas

12:15 D D Dirty Mamas  vs  Bunt Cakes 


Player Registration

Every Wednesday – Murchison Fields - - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Player Refunds

Once any 2016 AWKA games are played, refunds are not allowed.


No alcohol or smoking is allowed at the Murchison fields. The fields are Austin Independent School District property and AWKA must comply with the school district's policy.