Austin Women's Kickball: Welcome

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 These games are from  Week 4 (Aug. 26) Rainout Weekend.  Many Division Championships will be decided based on the outcome of these games! The games will follow the Week 4 schedule.


Tournament Results:

 C High 

1st Pitch Perfect (NET)

2nd Zodiac (AWKA)

C Low

1st Wicked Kickers (AWKA)

2nd Simply Divas (AWKA)


1st Misfits (NET)

Bunt Cakes (AWKA) 

Thank you to everyone who participated! 


 Welcome to the 2017 AWKA season! 


  Player Registration

Murchison - 6/27 (Tuesday) and every following Wednesday from 6:30 - 8:00

UHO -  7/15 from 9:00 - 2:00

 Teams must have 9 players registered/paid and sponsor fee paid by Saturday 7/15 in order to be placed on the schedule and have shirts ordered.


Player Refunds

Once any 2017 AWKA games are played, refunds are not allowed.


No alcohol or smoking is allowed at the Murchison fields. The fields are Austin Independent School District property and AWKA must comply with the school district's policy.

Handout: Tournament Bracket