All Valley Youth Football League: Welcome



Ladies and Gentlemen,

let the 2016 season countdown begin! 



*Official league practice known as "HELL WEEK" begins on July 25th Check with your local coaches for time and locations.    



As we enter the upcoming week, players' should always remain hydrated while on or off the field. "One key to a good football practice is proper hydration - before, during and after-"  





 YOU ARE: as of July 23rd,

*9 days- August 1st- Full pads for those who completed mandatory 10hrs.

*28 days- August 20th- CARNIVAL

*35 days- August 27th- 1st Official Game of the Season!

*119 days- November 19th- AVYFL CHAMPIONSHIP!



Again, as always, please remember this is a friendly atmosphere as well as a friendly competition.

Player's come first.


  Our goal is NOT to make it difficult but, to do what is BEST for the SAFETY of our players'. -AVYFL