Avon Pumas: Welcome

Avon Pumas Spring Soccer 2012


In the process of posting schedule!! Check it daily, please!

Posted games on schedule: let coach know if you can't play! Remember to check co-captain schedule, bring oranges sliced for halftime and drink for end of game!! Go PUMAS!!!

Note that the Roster has been updated!! 

Schedule is loaded and directions to fields are under Handouts! Go Pumas!!! 

You are a Puma staying focused on the Cup!
You are a Puma you leave it all on the field.
You are a Puma you leave them on their heels.
You are a Puma you always score.
You are a Puma you always want more!
What is a Puma you may ask? Someone so fast they burn holes in the grass!
What is a Puma you ask my friend, a Puma is a person who fights till the end!!
Inspired by the Avon Pumas and Coach Marek Jablonski.

In case of inclement weather. . .the town cancelation line is 409-4365. That will let you know if the fields are closed. Do not take that to mean no practice, we will activate the calling chain to let you know if we are cancelling or switching practice or games.