Georgia Avalanche: Recent News

Avalanche Partners With
The Dugout Club For 2006 Season

The Georgia Avalanche is proud to announce that professional training will be provided
by The Dugout Club. In an effort to provide our athletes with a comprehensive training
program throughout the season it was decided that it would be a great idea to partner with
an organization dedicated to the total enrichment of the athlete. After years of coaching
athletes that were receiving personal instruction from various sources it made perfect
sense to consolidate this instruction. By working closely with The Dugout Club our staff
will be able to reinforce the professional instruction received throughout the season.


Special Thanks To Mark Gray Of Peachtree City!
The Georgia Avalanche would like to thank you for your support of these young men in their efforts to secure financial support for their baseball team. It is the generosity of people such as you that enable youth developmental sports programs of this nature to succeed.

The Avalanche Aquires New Home Field For 2006
While the beautiful Handley Park in Tyrone has served us well, finding practice times became difficult during the peak of the recreation season. This prompted the Avalanche to actively seek a facility that we could call our own. Coach Louis spent most of the short off season looking for such a facility and hit pay dirt. Avalanche Field in Fairburn, GA. (pictured below) will become our new base of operations for the 2006 season.

We will continue to support Handley Park and the city of Tyrone during and after our transition to the new facility.


Tuesday, February 28
Good Luck In 2006!

The Georgia Avalanche wish much success to the following former Avalanche members.

Grant Alvarez is now a member of the Home Plate Chili Dogs.
Josh Bailey is now a member of the Landmark Christian School Team.
Tyler Gresens is now a member of the Home Plate Chili Peppers.
Kevin Werner is now a member of the Newnan Cougars.

Great you will be!
The force is strong, Yes?


Sports Physical Exams Required
All participants in the Georgia Avalanche Baseball program will be required to provide proof of a recent (Within the last calendar year) sports physical examination. If you have not had a physical in the last year, please make arrangements to do so. This is a requirement of our lease agreement for Avalanche Field and must be completed before participants can use the new facility.

USSSA Adopts Age Cutoff Change For 2006...
Hot off the press!  The USSSA National Baseball Committee announced April 14, 2005 to adopt the new age cutoff of May 1 to take effect for the 2006 season.  The 2006 season starts August 1, 2005.  This means the age a player is on April 30, 2006, will be their age for the 2006 season.  Remember, USSSA allows all players to play "up" in a higher age bracket but never "down".

USSSA is also in the process of looking at pitching distances in regards to the age change.  A change in pitching distances is likely for the 2006 season.

It is the belief of USSSA Baseball that these changes will enhance the opportunities for all players to play the game of baseball in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

USSSA encourages all national organizations to follow its lead.

For more information and background on the Age Cutoff Change.

GA USSSA Tightens Roster Requirements
USSSA Rosters Must Now Be Submitted On-Line
"The main purpose for ALL USSSA registered teams being required to execute an Official USSSA On-Line Roster is to insure players are not jumping from team to team, week to week. A player can only LEGALLY be on one team’s roster in an age division and can only LEGALLY play for a team in which his / her name appears on that team’s Official USSSA On-Line Roster submitted to the Tournament Director BEFORE the team’s first game."

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