Auburndale Youth Basketball League: Coaching Info

Mandatory NYSCA Certification Clinic

All coaches in Auburndale Youuth Basketball must be certified through the National Youth Sports Coaches Association.  You will have a ONE WEEK WINDOW to complete your ONLINE CERTIFICATION COURSE after we email you your id and passowrd to access the course.

Over the years, numerous experienced coaches have told us that they gained tremendously by these courses.  The basketball sport specific video is remarkable and is worth the time to view even if you are already a member.  The league will pay for all active coaches renewals.

New Head Coaches will not be able to practice until after attending this Certification Clinic.

Coaches, please remember that your main goal this year is to teach every child on your team fundamentals and to work together as a team.  Please discourage the one man show type offense.  Nobody wants to run up and down the court and never touch the basketball.  Please remember that the focus of our recreational league is just that.....RECREATION!  You, your players and their parents will have a much more positive experience if you accomplish this goal.  Make it a personal mission to take each child and teach them to properly perform as many basic skills as possible in the short time you have to work with them.

 Please communicate with your parents!  You cannot ask young children to remember to tell their parents when your next practice is or what time to show up for the game.  Your relationship with your parents and players is vital to your success as a coach.

 Your team will develop as much as you teach them.  These children are like sponges, absorbing the knowledge and ROLE MODEL BEHAVIOR that you portray to them.  Always remember that!

Please discourage your players and parents from heckling the other team.  Encourage them to encourage both teams! 

Please sign, and submit to the league, the Coaches Code of Ethics Pledge and honor it throughout your youth sports experience.